How to make fruit jelly jam

How to make fruit jelly jam

Among preparations for the winter jelly jam enjoys special popularity. It is usually cooked from the fruit rich with pectin. If natural pectin isn't enough, add a fruit juice (more often from apples of sour grades) or confectionery pectin. Apples, currant, a quince, raspberry and apricots well are suitable for preparation of "winter jelly".

Jelly jam from a lemon and apples


- sour apples – 2 kg;

- a lemon – 3 pieces;

- sugar – 1 kg;

- wine acid – 1 teaspoon.

Wash up apples and, without cleaning to slice average size. Also to cut a lemon segments and to mix with apples.

Fill in fruit with a small amount of water and cook to softness. The juice emitted in the course of cooking to filter, add to it sugar. Cook on strong fire, constantly stirring slowly and surely scumming.

At the end of cooking to add wine acid. Ready to pour jelly on clean banks.

Readiness of jelly is defined as follows: pour a spoon of the condensed weight on a saucer and cool it. If juice turns into jelly which easily separates from a saucer, cooking should be finished.

Currant Juice jelly jam


- currant juice – 1 liter;

- sugar – 1200;

- wine acid – 1 teaspoon.

To carefully touch and wash out currant (red, black or white, it is possible to smiksovat). Separate berries from branches and knead. Filter the emitted juice through a small sieve.

Add sugar to juice and put to cook on strong fire. Check readiness and in 2 minutes prior to the end of cooking to add wine acid.

Pour on small clean banks.

Jelly – strawberry jam

Jellies prepare it about addition of apple juice as berries of strawberry contain insufficient amount of pectin.


- apple juice – 1 liter;

- strawberry juice ¼ liters;

- sugar – 800 g;

- wine acid – 1 teaspoon.

Squeeze out strawberry juice of fresh berries, and apple to prepare by a cooking method. 1 liter of apple juice turns out from 2 kg of the cooked sour apples. Cut apples with segments and fill in with water so that it covered them. Cook to softness and hot to filter without wringing out.

Mix, add juice to them sugar and cook in wide ware on strong fire. At the end of cooking to add wine acid and to pour ready jelly on banks. 

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