The stuffed paprikas with egg and cheese

The stuffed paprikas with egg and cheese

Stuffed with meat or vegetables pepper - a dish familiar to much since childhood. But its preparation requires time and a little skill it is possible to Replace habitual food with the pepper filled with egg and cheese salad. The dish is cooked quicker, and looks very festively and attractively.

It is known that paprika contains a set of vitamins which break up at heat treatment. Plus this recipe is that pepper doesn't need to be boiled, and, means all vitamins and minerals will remain unchanged. Will be necessary for preparation of a dish:

- the Bulgarian paprika - 2-3 pieces of different flowers;

- eggs - 2-3 pieces;

- a hard cheese - 250 g;

- garlic - 3 cloves;

- mayonnaise.

We boil eggs within 7-10 minutes, they have to be hard-boiled that the yolk was completely homogeneous. Eggs we take by amount of pepper, on one on each fruit. We merge ready testicles and we fill in with cold water, then accurately we clean, they are necessary to us absolutely whole.

While eggs cook, we grate cheese, we add to it small chopped honest and mayonnaise, we mix to homogeneous mass.

We wash out pepper, we delete a fruit stem and a core with seeds. Cheese and garlic weight we spread walls and a bottom of pepper, densely stamping. We place the whole boiled egg in the empty cent, intervals and top are also filled with a cheese curd. From above egg shouldn't be visible.

We put pepper in a pan, we cover and we send to the fridge to two-three of hours. Then we take out pepper, and we cut across on ringlets 2-3 centimeters wide. At will we decorate with greens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team