Turkey in a sparzhevo-mushroom sauce

Turkey in a sparzhevo-mushroom sauce

Gentle fillet of a turkey contains the small number of calories. Stewed in sauce from an asparagus with cepes, the dish has light summer taste and serves as an unusual garnish for new potato or rice.

It is required to you

  • - 90 g of a desi;
  • - 650 g of fillet of a turkey;
  • - 2 bulbs of onions;
  • - 180 g of cepes;
  • - 4 escapes of an asparagus;
  • - 0.4 l of chicken broth;
  • - 1 tablespoons of pesto sauce;
  • - 90 ml. cream.


1. We cut some fillet of a turkey small oblong pieces. We fry from two parties on a desi to an appetizing crust. We take out meat from a frying pan and we put to the warm place.

2. We brown small chopped onion. Further we add small cut cepes to onions. We fry three more minutes.

3. To onions with mushrooms we put an asparagus (previously we cut escapes on two parts). We fill in vegetables with chicken broth. We add the Italian pesto sauce.

4. We wait when broth begins to boil, and we return fillet of a turkey in a frying pan. We reduce fire. About 20 minutes we stew meat in sauce.

5. We add cream, continuously stirring slowly with frying pan contents. We water with ready from a turkeyin sauce gravy the chosen garnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team