Useful flowers for human health

Useful flowers for human health

Flowers surround us everywhere: both at dachas, and in apartments, and at offices. They are given on special cases of life or just like that without cause. They are pleasing to the eye and bring happiness. Besides the listed properties the flowers have one more feature - flowers are useful to health.

Cape gooseberry and its rich properties

Cape gooseberry represents a flower of white or cream color in which the fruit of a red or orange shade similar visually to small tomato is located. Fruits of cape gooseberry use as fresh, and in boiled. 

If you have hypostases, a disease of airways and also gonorrhea or dysentery, then use fresh fruits of cape gooseberry. Also they will help that patients who try to cure anemia, a hypertension or a senile lock. Just it is necessary to eat to food 5-10 pieces of fruits of cape gooseberry 3-4 times a day.

Broth from juice of fruits of cape gooseberry and milk prevents development of laryngitis, tonsillitis and stomatitis as at children. As medicine the sick child is given such mix in number of 4 tablespoons within 5-6 days on 4 times a day to an absolute recovery.

Violets are useful flowers for health

The few know, but the violet has wonderful property of treatment of such skin diseases as eczema, фурункулез and dermatitis. For this purpose it is necessary to take 2 teaspoons of flowers of a violet, to fill in with 2 glasses of boiled water, to cool about half an hour and to filter. Method of application: drink 1/3 broths 3 times a day.

For prevention of lung cancer, it is possible to have tea from flowers of a violet and an oregano in any quantity. Make tea, proceeding from such proportions: 10 гр violets and 10 гр. oreganos fill in with boiled water in a half-liter can and cover. Then allow to infuse within an hour and use in unlimited number.

Rose - the best flower, vitamin-rich

It is very pleasant to any woman when her beloved gives her flowers, especially roses. But it is possible not only to admire these flowers, but also to apply as medicine. It should be noted that rose-petals contain huge amount of vitamin C (50% of standard daily rate in 100 гр.), besides D, E and To. 

At a headache the applying of fresh rose-petals to a forehead will help. At the same time massage is necessary: rub bluntly and whisky mix from oils of a rose and mint on 1 drop + 3 drops of a lavender. The tea from a rose made from 2 tsps of the dried-up petals which are filled in with abrupt boiled water helps from insomnia.

Buy flowers, admire them and don't forget that flowers are useful to health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team