As it is better to make the base

As it is better to make the base

The base is one of the most important parts of the house because the durability of any building depends on it. For this reason it is important build the strong and reliable base.

It is required to you

  • - concrete, bricks or stones;
  • - roofing material;
  • - steel wire.


1. Attentively study composition of the ground in the place of construction. Dig out pole of 1-1.2 meters in depth, look narrowly at color of the earth. The most successful option for construction of the base – virgin sand, gravel or sand-stony soil. It is possible to work at other earth, but it is much more difficult.

2. Now you need to learn whether there is in soil moisture. Leave the dug-out hole approximately for day. The lack of water in it is good sign. The simplest continuous footing which depth small – 30-50 centimeters will be suitable for dry soil.

3. Moisture at the bottom of pole demonstrates proximity of underground waters. The base depth in this case has to coincide with earth frost depth - up to 1.2 meters in northern regions and from 50 centimeters in southern. Such base will be durable and almost impregnable to seasonal changes of soil.

4. After you have studied soil, you need to prepare net area. Make marking on the place of construction of the base. From all marked territory remove 20-40 centimeters of fertile soil.

5. On perimeter of the planned territory dig out the trench corresponding to soil dampness on depth. The bottom of all hole should be leveled sand, it needs to be made if you are going to build the brick base.

6. When all necessary preparations are executed, it is possible to build the base. For casting of concrete support for the building make accurate timbering of boards. Thickness of the base has to be more than thickness of walls approximately on 20 centimeters. For soft and damp soil you need to make additional expansion below - the platform support.

7. Begin construction of the base from stone or brick with sand "pillow", and execute laying cement solution. To give to support of future building additional stability and durability, make reinforcing of the base steel wire.

8. Make waterproofing in two layers of roofing material when concrete filling or laying reaches ground level. Over waterproofing lay out laying again. Before filling up trench, make isolation of underground part of the base. The ideal option is to fill in building support with the melted bitumen. Now level the base on level.

9. For construction of elevated part of support of the building it is necessary to lay out it brick to floor height. In opposite walls of elevated part leave openings for ventilation. Again make waterproofing of roofing material. The base is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team