Useful properties of red beet

Useful properties of red beet

From a set of the vegetables and fruit promoting regulation of exchange processes of a human body, the table beet has really unique properties. At the expense of a broad set of the vitamins and minerals which are contained in this root crop, beet is long since used in traditional medicine as a medical product.

The ancient healer Hippocrates widely used juice of red beet for treatment from many diseases. Beet juice was considered as universal remedy for increase in vital forces and increase in resilience of an organism to infections. Ancient Roman Aesculapians recommended to the patients consumption of beet for treatment of a stomach, boiled root crops were used for healing of burns.

Modern researches showed that beet besides cellulose and pectinaceous substances contains vitamins C, B1,B2,B6,PP,U and also physiologically active agents (a betaine and бетанин), a wide range macro and minerals.

Main useful properties, substances which are contained in a table beet:

  • magnesium – normalizes a tone of vessels, normalizes neuromuscular processes;
  • the betaine – well influences a liver, promotes restoration of the damaged cages, regulates a metabolism, helps an organism to acquire animal protein in the best way;
  • vitamin U – possesses antiallergic and antiulcer properties;
  • pectinaceous substances – promote a conclusion from an organism of cholesterol and various poisons, including salts of heavy metals.

Besides vitamins and minerals with which red beet is rich have anti-sclerous properties, positively affect sexual health of men, regulate a menstrual cycle at women.

In traditional medicine beet is recommended to be used for pressure decrease, improvement of functions of a stomach and intestines, regulation of work of a liver and a pancreas, increase in intellectual and physical activity. Many healers advise to enter beet dishes into a daily diet for increase in immunity to seasonal infections, prevention of cardiovascular illnesses, diseases of a thyroid gland.

Borsches, salads, vinaigrettes with addition of red beet are the dishes promoting weight loss. The daily use of otstoyanny beet juice for acceleration of exchange processes in an organism is recommended to the people having obesity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team