We cook a fruit candy from apples

Fruit candy - Old Russian delicacy. Cooked viands from sour apples and various berries. Added to a dessert honey, and for obtaining more white color – egg white. The well-known Kolomna fruit candy was exported to the European countries.

It is required to you

  • - apples - any quantity


1. The best grades of apples for preparation of a fruit candy - Antonovka, Titovka, Semerenko, Uelsi, etc. Wash out the chosen apples in flowing warm water. Slightly dry fruit. Cut on halves and remove a core with sunflower seeds.

2. Pick up a pan, convenient on volume, pour in it in a small amount of water. There is enough that water rose by 1 centimeter from a bottom. Afterwards lay out the cleaned segments of apples in a pan, cover a pan. Establish products on fire, you cook on weak heating within 20 minutes. During this time apples will soften.

3. Remove ready, uvarenny fruit from fire, merge excess liquid from a pan. Further apples need to be mashed. It is better to make it by means of the blender.

4. Prepare an oven for work, heat it to 90-100 degrees. On a baking tray lay out baking paper.

5. Spread out the apple processed weight an even layer in 7-10 mm on the sheet of parchment. Establish a baking tray with a semi-finished product in an oven, leave the slightly opened door. You keep structure in an oven within 6-8 hours, time depends on the number of the prepared apple weight.

6. The ready fruit candy shouldn't crumble, it is sign of an overdried product. The correct fruit candy to the touch has some humidity, but doesn't stick to hands. Cut an apple fruit candy on segments if inside the dessert is dampish, you doderzhit pieces in an oven a little.

7. You store a fruit candy from apples in a glass container. Except segments, the fruit candy can be twisted in rolls.

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