What advantage of dried fruits

What advantage of dried fruits

Dried fruits come to the autumn and winter period to replacement to fresh and juicy fruit. They keep in themselves all advantage of dead-ripe fruit, all vitamins and minerals. In the period of diseases dried fruits will help to strengthen immunity, to take off fatigue and to lighten the mood. Besides dried fruits can replace completely to you sweeties, without adding your waist of excess centimeters.


1. To the most known and favourite dried fruits raisin is. Raisin turns out from grapes and contains a set of vitamins. These are A, C, B1, B2, B5, B6 vitamins. Among minerals in raisin there is a pine forest, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Raisin is famous for the fact that it can strengthen nervous system and a dream. It happens because of the high content of vitamins of group B. The raisin handful will remove nervous tension in the evening and will calm after unlucky day. Also raisin helps at an anemia, it is applied to prevention of diseases of kidneys and heart. Advise pregnant women to use raisin if the diagnosis of anemia is made. These berries raise hemoglobin in blood, normalize pressure. The oleanolevy acid which is contained in raisin helps to fight against bacteria in an oral cavity. Therefore it can be used at diseases of gums, a sore throat, cough, pneumonia. Raisin is used most often in pastries or in compotes.

2. Dried apricots turns out when drying apricots. This сухофрукт is useful to our organism at colds. In dried apricots there are a little vitamins, generally it is C and A vitamin. But abundance of minerals surprises: it is magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron. And also organic acids and pectins which bring slags and heavy metals out of an organism. At constant consumption of dried apricots it is possible to avoid obstruction of vessels, the shortage of iron in an organism, diseases of heart and stomach. Dried apricots helps to support skin young and tightened, and hair – magnificent and strong. It is a purgative intestines therefore you shouldn't use it in a large number. It is added most often to pastries, to meat, to grain or milk porridges. Also bread will be tasty if to add the cut dried apricots to it.

3. Prunes, perhaps, not the most favourite сухофрукт among the population of the country. Because of strong laxative effect it is a little avoided. But dried berries of plum are useful to our organism. They have strong antibacterial property, helping to get rid of bacteria in a mouth. Prunes will help to increase immunity, it contains a large amount of antioxidants. Prunes are rich with iron therefore it is useful at anemia. In these berries there are a lot of ballast substances which clean intestines from slags. You will have enough couple of berries a day at digestive tract diseases. Prunes are also useful at diets. It normalizes a metabolism and softly cleans intestines.

4. Many saw a fig only on pictures because fresh it is brought seldom. This perishable product, and in the form of dried fruits we most often use it. Dried fruits of a fig contain the pectins useful of sugar and cellulose. The fig contains a large amount of potassium which helps at heart troubles. Also the fig is useful at problems with pressure, vessels, a thyroid gland. Using a fig regularly, you will get rid of fatigue, overfatigue, bad mood. Its high caloric content will help to gain strength after work.

5. Dates are so rich with various vitamins and mineral substances that them it is simple to list all there is no opportunity. They contain group B vitamins, vitamin E, And yes also calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and many other things. In them there are amino acids which aren't in other fruit. Kaloriyna dates therefore it isn't possible ""to postroynet"" with them. Because of the high content of potassium they help work of heart, kidneys and a liver; normalize microflora in intestines, help at anemia and cough, strengthen immunity. At the constant use, dates reduce risk of oncological diseases and also support sugar in blood. Dates are prevention of depressions therefore they will be especially useful to young mothers and hyperactive children. Berries of a date palm tree have somnolent effect and help at insomnia, but, at the same time, they tone up and help to spill.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team