What cocktails can be made of rum without Coca

What cocktails can be made of rum without Coca

The feature of rum is that it from all alcoholic beverages more transfers taste of a starting crude – a sugar cane. There is a set of original recipes for cocktails with use of rum.

It is required to you

  • - condensed milk;
  • - coconut flakes;
  • - sugar;
  • - eggs;
  • - the crushed ice;
  • - pineapple juice;
  • - rum;
  • - pineapple or coco;
  • - Grenadine syrup;
  • - orange juice;
  • - lime;
  • - icing sugar;
  • - cherry;
  • - brandy;
  • - mint;
  • - sugar syrup;
  • - mineral water or Schweppes lemonade;
  • - Agnostura bitter;
  • - tubules.


1. It is impossible to ignore unusually tasty cocktail a baking plate the name "Pina Colada" which is known around the world. To enjoy its taste, you will need coke cream. It can be found in sale or to prepare independently. For this purpose mix a condensed milk and coconut flakes in equal proportions, shake up by means of the mixer. Gradually pour in the egg white which is carefully beaten with sugar. Now, when coconut cream is ready, it is possible to start preparation of cocktail. Place the crushed ice in a shaker, add two parts of pineapple juice and coconut cream, one part of light rum. Carefully stir up and pour out in a glass, decorate a glass with a slice of pineapple or a coco, insert a straw. You can give to a table. It is desirable to drink such cocktail at once after preparation.

2. There is one more not less tasty classical cocktail with rum. Place the crushed ice (prepared from a clear water) in a shaker, fill in with one part of dark rum. Add two parts of Grenadine syrup and svezheotzhaty orange juice, wring out in a shaker juice from a lime half. There send a teaspoon of icing sugar then properly stir up components. Merge "Highball glass" or a low glass in a glass, decorate drink with cherry or a slice of orange.

3. Tom and Gerry cocktail is intended for cold weather, it should be given in a coffee cup. The recipe of drink appeared in far 1850, cocktail was made for the first time by the famous bartender of those of days Gerry Thomas. A bit later the name of drink changed and immortalized names of a cat and little mouse from the animated film. The recipe became simpler and doesn't include hot milk and soda, but the essence of cocktail remains to they are to warm during cold. Break one egg and mix with icing sugar to thicken mix. Pour out mix in a coffee cup, add one part of light rum, the same amount of brandy and boiled water. From above strew with nutmeg and at once give hot to a table.

4. The following cocktail with rum carries the name "Bakardi-Mokhito". Take mint, properly wash up it and dig leaves, put "Highball glass" in a glass. Wash up a lime and cut in half, wring out from it all juice, put in order to mint. There pour in 20 milliliters of a sugar syrup and 5 milliliters of Agnostura bitter. Pound among themselves all ingredients and half fill up with ground ice, fill in with 50 milliliters of light rum. Add to the brim mineral water or the Schweppes lemonade, decorate with segment of a lime and insert couple of tubules.

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