What products contain a protein: list of products"

What products contain a protein: list of products"

Health and activity of each person in many respects depend on his food and a way of life. Irrespective of age and the level of physical activity, it needs proteinaceous food on which development and growth of muscle tissues depend and also it is a lot of other processes about which it will be in more detail stated in article.

Protein is and there is a protein, organic matter which getting into digestive tract, is exposed to process of hydrolysis as a result of which turns into the amino acids providing growth and development of muscle tissue.

  • from the food rich with protein content;
  • from sports food as is the basic element necessary for muscles, creations of effective and attractive muscles.

In day of people normal has to use 2 g of protein at the rate on 1 kg of body weight. First of all, it concerns athletes to whom it is necessary correctly and balanced to eat for accumulation of muscle bulk.

To people with the inactive level of activity of enough 1-1.5 g/kg of weight while the sports diet has to include 2–4 g/kg daily.

Important! Considerable excess of consumption rate of proteinaceous food can lead to growth of fat, but not muscle tissue.

  • creates muscle bulk;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • promotes digestion improvement;
  • promotes a set of body weight that can be need for athletes;
  • prevents destruction of muscles, supplying an organism with a complex of amino acids;
  • is responsible for restoration of muscle fibers after intensive physical activities;
  • it is necessary for durability of a skeleton and skeletal system.

Practically all food contain proteins. However there are products which call high-protein thanks to the maintenance of a protein in them practically at the same level, as amount of fats and carbohydrates.

  • meat products;
  • dairy;
  • seafood;
  • cereals and bean.

Learn more about value and a role of proteins for an organism.

  • eggs;
  • fish;
  • beef meat;
  • cow's milk;
  • rice of white and brown grades;
  • soybeans, etc.













Brown rice



Meat, bird



Soy flour



Degree of digestibility of protein depends on its splitting in a stomach and further absorption of amino acids. For this reason egg and milk proteins surpass in digestion speed by enzymes of digestive system meat, fish and vegetable.

However not only the good comprehensibility is the key to effective receipt of a protein in an organism. Combinations of food can also increase effectiveness ratio of protein. This indicator considers composition of amino acids or its chemical value and also biological value or percent of digestion.

In a complex the biological value of its separate components increases.

  • potatoes;
  • haricot;
  • wheat;
  • corn.

Milk is better acquired with a rye, and soy — in connection with millet.

It is necessary to tell about what specialists in sports food recommends to combine proteins of plant origin with animals to whom carry meat-and-milk products also. This information should be considered when forming a high-protein food allowance — it is a condition of successful creation of a figure in bodybuilding. You should not forget also about amount of fats and carbohydrates in high-protein products.

Whether you know? To improve mood and to increase working capacity, it is necessary to enrich a diet with proteins, but not carbohydrates in the form of sweets which have short-term effect. The lack of this substance can cause an emotional imbalance because of intensive activity. Having paid attention to amount of protein in a diet, it is possible to raise a tone of an organism and health.


Chicken breast

20–28 g


Indyushiny breast

22–25 g



18.9 g


Rabbit flesh

22–23 g


Chicken offal, indyushiny, rabbit

15–20 g


The meat protein contains a large amount of amino acids, however subjecting meat products to long thermal treatment, a significant amount loses them the value. Meat protein is longer acquired by an organism. It should be noted that the most acceptable way of preparation of fowl is its boiling or cooking on couple.

Speaking about red meat, It should be noted its rich content of vitamins of group B, iron and zinc, however in it there are also a food cholesterol and saturated fats.



25.4 g



Humpback salmon

21 g


28.9 g


26.6 g


26.2 g


24.9 g

Pike perch

24.5 g

White grades of fish to which carry a cod a hake, a pollock, are the excellent solution of replenishment of reserves of protein in an organism as have its large supplies on an equal basis with low caloric content. Preference should be given to fresh fish or the products subject to dry freezing.

In red fish there are many useful fats, B12 vitamin. She is more kaloriyna in comparison with white. Dairy


Hard cheese

25 g


12.7 g

Egg powder

45 g

Cottage cheese

16.7 g

Milk, kefir

2.8 g


2.9 g

Sheep cheese

21–22 g

Important! For achievement of good results in bodybuilding it is necessary to remember need of a combination of animal and vegetable proteins for a food allowance, creating successful, effective and useful combinations.

In all dairy products there is a protein, but hard cheese is a product with the highest content of a protein in this category. And the most dietary product of this category it is possible to call serum in which there is a protein, but there are no fats. Products of plant origin



34.9 g


26.3 g


12.6 g


11.9 g


7 g


22.3 g


23 g




8.3 g

Many food of plant origin do not concede meat by amount of protein, but also have a number of advantages, without having high nutritiousness and without doing harm to intestines. In a significant amount there is a protein in soy which is often called "substitute" of meat products. Bean and cereal also promote improvement of a condition of skin and contain a large vitamin and mineral supply. It is also worth noting that long thermal process destroys a part of the protein which is contained in grain.

The protein is an important battery. It is necessary for people of all age, however special attention to its contents in a diet is paid by athletes, proteinaceous food helps them to find beautiful muscles, acting as construction material.

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