What to do if banks with cucumbers blew up

What to do if banks with cucumbers blew up

Many fans of house preparations, especially at young hostesses, have such bitter experience. It is a pity for products and the spent efforts. Whether it is possible to make something if banks with cucumbers blew up?

What to do if banks with cucumbers blew up? If it came later very few time from the moment of rolling of preparations, then in the beginning it is necessary to check cucumbers for hardness. Soft vegetables, alas, should be thrown out, with regret or without it. And it is necessary to make it resolutely.  

If cucumbers remained still strong, and that the most important, time from preservation before "explosion" passed a little – the situation can be saved. And for this purpose there are two ways.

The first option of resuscitation of cucumbers will be more difficult – banks can be closed once again. For this purpose vegetables are taken out, are washed in salt solution thoroughly and drenched with boiled water. The container will surely be sterilized anew. All greens of type of umbrellas of fennel, parsley, currant, etc. ruthlessly are thrown out because it also could provoke fermentation.

Cucumbers from the blown-up cans are shifted in clean sterile, from seasonings only bay leaf, pepper - fragrant or peas are added, then everything is filled in with a brine. For reliability some hostesses add aspirin. However, concerning use of acetilsalicylic acid in konservation at culinary forums there takes place a debate: someone claims that it is harmful to a liver, and someone refers to the ancestors who "always added aspirin to cucumbers and lived up to 90 years".

If banks with cucumbers blew up, but there is no desire to repeat preservation process, there is a different way of "rescue" of vegetables, it is simpler. Cucumbers are cut by any way, any devices – cubes, straws, it is possible even to grate.

The crushed vegetables keep within a pan and go to a plate. About 10 minutes are extinguished. Are displayed in the small sterilized jars and are corked. Salt and spices aren't added to these cucumbers. It is possible to spread out the cucumbers processed in such a way in containers or sacks and to freeze. Excellent preparation for the winter for rassolnik, azu or solyanka will turn out.

What to do that banks with cucumbers didn't blow up? Definite answer, naturally, doesn't exist. Someone adds to cucumbers several pieces tomato, some vodka, someone aspirin. The most important, of course, is sterility of all ware used in the course of preservation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team