What to prepare from boiled meat

What to prepare from boiled meat

Quite often many hostesses after cooking of broth or soup have boiled meat. The majority asks a question that from it can be prepared. It should be noted that boiled meat can be used both for preparation of main courses, and for cooking of various salads and snack, a stuffing for pies, etc.

What can be prepared from boiled meat

The simplest and universal dish which can be prepared from any kind of meat - ragout.

It is required to you:

- 400 grams of boiled meat;

- four-five pieces of potatoes;

- two sour apples;

- three pickles;

- greens bunch;

- pepper and salt (to taste);

- flour tablespoon;

- tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Cut meat on small pieces. Peel potatoes, wash out it and cut just as also meat. Remove a core from apples, cut fruit and cucumbers. Heat a frying pan, pour in it oil, put flour and warm up it so that it gained slightly brownish color (very important to track that flour didn't burn at all). Add a glass of water to a frying pan and bring mix to the boil. Cut meat, shift vegetables and fruit in a pan, fill in them with the prepared broth and put on fire. As soon as weight begins to boil, lower fire to a minimum and you extinguish mix within 30 minutes. After time remove a pan from fire, add to it in advance crushed greens and leave a baking plate the closed cover for about 10-15 minutes. Ragout with meat is ready.

What can be prepared from boiled pork

If you have a small piece of boiled pork, then suggest to make of it simple, but very tasty salad.

It is required to you:

- 500 grams of boiled pork;

- four boiled eggs;

- four fresh cucumbers;

- bunch of green onions;

- four tablespoons of chopped walnuts;

- three-four tablespoons of mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt;

- salt.

Cut meat, eggs and cucumbers into cubes, chop onions. Mix sour cream (mayonnaise or yogurt) with nuts. Mix all ingredients in a soup plate, salt to taste. Before giving salad can be decorated with segments of grapes and tangerine.

What can be prepared from boiled chicken

Boiled chicken meat - a product most of which often remains at hostesses after cooking of soups and broths. One of the most tasty dishes which can be prepared from chicken meat - cutlet.

It is required to you:

- 700-800 grams of boiled chicken breast;

- one bulb;

- two eggs;

- two tablespoons of mayonnaise;

- salt and pepper.

Separate chicken breast from bones and very small cut it. Clean a bulb and crush it. Mix meat with onions, in a separate bowl shake up eggs then mix chicken and onions mix with a frothed eggs, add mayonnaise, salt and pepper, mix everything. Put a frying pan on fire, pour in it oil then make small oval cutlets of forcemeat and fry them from two parties before formation of an appetizing ruddy crust.

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