What water it is better to use: crude or boiled

What water it is better to use: crude or boiled

Presently even children know that for the correct work of all organism it is necessary to drink a lot of water, and here what water to drink - knows not everyone.

Often in big cities and in villages too, drinking water contains various impurity that does it unsuitable for the use in the raw. Most of people believe that, having boiled water, they will receive liquid, useful to the use. On the one hand, it is right: boiling kills microbes, does water of softer and even reduces amount of chlorine in water. On the other hand, many viruses (for example, the causative agent of hepatitis A), a stick of botulism and a lot of things still remain in water and after long boiling. Besides at long boiling a part of liquid evaporates, evaporates, and salts of heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides (if those are available) and other remain in water, only in a bigger concentration. Besides, useful components, for example, salts of calcium and magnesium, settle on walls of ware and don't get to our organism.

Repeated boiling, to all other, deprives taste water, does it dead and not so useful.

The crude well or tap water in isn't recommended to be used in the raw too, it can contain various microorganisms which quantity sharply increases in hot weather and also impurity and notorious salts of heavy metals.

How to arrive in this situation?

Dietitians and nutritionists recommend to use the crude, but filtered water. For this purpose it is possible to put special filters or to buy the filter - a jug in which water will settle. It is possible to buy water in special large bottles or baklazhka, only to choose at the same time drinking or table. Mineral and medicinal water can be used in large numbers only after consultation with the doctor.

Boiled driving for weight loss

It is considered that water which was boiled only once and at the same time all a couple of minutes, well influences an organism: improves blood circulation, stimulates mental activity, brings toxins out of an organism and promotes weight loss. Though according to doctors and nutritionists, when boiling a molecule of water stick together among themselves and can't get through cellular membranes, complicating thereby a conclusion of toxins and provoking appearance of hypostases.

Counting amount of the drunk liquid, it isn't necessary to consider tea, compote and coffee, they are prepared from dead water, besides the last drink at the use in large numbers leads to dehydration.

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