Whether harmful salt?"

Whether harmful salt?"

quickly get fat not only because of overeating, but also because of a congestion of too large amount of liquid in an organism which not to be removed. Statistically, annually the person uses nearly 3 kg of salt - it is much for an organism. Through surplus of salt in an organism pressure which develops coronary heart disease and many other diseases increases.

Sodium which to be in salt increases arterial blood pressure. This element is necessary for our organism only in small amounts. It it is necessary in day only a quarter of a teaspoon, but most of people receives it daily in 20 times more.

Experts advise less to salt food. Salt contains in products. And that who strongly sweats, it is also worth treating the salt use carefully. If you are fond of salt, then it is necessary to reduce its use. It is better to do it gradually, then you will not even notice how not salty food will be to the taste to you.

In what way it is possible to reduce consumption of salt and to lose weight?

  1. Before salting food taste it.
  2. On a table there should not be a saltcellar.
  3. When you prepare, try to add salt as little as possible.
  4. Solita has one half than usually.
  5. Instead of salt try to add different spices. Can ideally be suitable for an example: herbs, garlic, pepper, wine, mustard, cinnamon, lemon juice, nutmeg.
  6. Use less products which contain salt. It can be tinned soups and vegetables. It will be ideal if you absolutely refuse such canned food.

Replace salt with food seasonings: [/p]

Instead of salt add to fish and meat products: thyme, pepper, nutmeg, fresh mushrooms, marjoram, green pepper, dry mustard, bay leaf.

Will be ideal for a chicken: sage, parsley, red pepper, fresh mushrooms, marjoram, lemon juice, green pepper.

Add to fish on taste instead of salt: fresh mushrooms, marjoram, lemon juice, green pepper, dry mustard, bay leaf.

Will be ideal for lamb: rosemary, mint and garlic.

To pork: marjoram, ginger, bay leaf, apricots, sage, onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar, apples.

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