Whether it is possible for pregnant women there are shrimps

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there are shrimps

All seafood conceals in themselves irreplaceable and very valuable to a human body of a nutriyeta and at the same time is potential carriers of dangerous viral infections, larvae of parasites and also can provoke serious poisoning or an allergy. The extra care is demanded by shrimps — experts rank them as the leading types among all sea inhabitants menacing to human health. Whether pregnant women can eat this product and as similar food will affect health of future kid, we will tell further in article.

Whether it is possible to eat shrimps at pregnancy

About advantage and harm of shrimps during pregnancy there are many disagreements. Some perceive a sea delicacy as the most strict taboo, and others, on the contrary, seek to enter it into a diet as often as possible.

Actually physicians do not forbid seafood to future mothers, but focus attention on purchase of quality goods, its correct heat treatment and moderate portions.

Important! For own safety buy seafood only in shops with good reputation. Avoid goods with the opened or damaged packing. When choosing of the frozen shrimps give preference to those copies that are in the fridge as it is possible more deeply.

Physicians advise to enter into a diet of a shrimp even that who before them did not try. But at the same time it is important to begin with the minimum portions and to monitor carefully reaction of the organism.

Seafood cannot be abused: for support of the organism and good nutrition of a fruit to future mother it is allowed to eat a week 2–3 times on 100–150 g of a sea delicacy. If the special addiction to such food is not observed, then and it is not necessary to force itself to it. The advantage of the refined dishes based on inhabitants of the sea will be if to meet the following conditions:

  • to get a quality and fresh product, avoiding the markets and spontaneous trade (surely take an interest at sellers about existence of certificates of quality and terms of suitability of traded goods);
  • ingredient has to undergo sufficient heat treatment;
  • it is correct to combine boiled shrimps with other components of dishes as at their use in combinations with excessive amount of vinegar, spices and also in combination with tangerine juice, milkshakes, tea and milk the pregnant women can have a heartburn, food indigestion or serious poisoning, gastritis and allergic reaction.

Whether you know? In Hinduism it is strictly forbidden to use in food of Crustacea.

After 22 weeks of pre-natal development of a fruit it will be necessary to refuse similar delicacies at all. The fact is that at a germ by this period own immune system will already be created therefore in a diet of mother products which can provoke allergic reaction are extremely undesirable.


According to data of the international institutes of food, seafood almost does not contain fats, but surpasses fowl and mammals in amount of proteins and mineral substances. For an embryo and future mother this nuance is very important as proteins are cellular construction material.

High content of vital minerals and vitamins provides the correct formation of a fruit during pre-natal development.

Whether you know? Tiger shrimp is considered the largest species of Crustacea. Her body can reach 36 cm in length weighing 650 g.

Thanks to the rich chemical composition and useful properties the doctors recommend to use shrimps to pregnant women.

In particular, their advantage consists in:

  • supply of an organism of mother and the arising embryo with useful nutrients;
  • assistance to the correct formation of bone and nervous systems of future kid;
  • light comprehensibility;

The light comprehensibility characterizes also such products as koumiss, meat of a rabbit, a cumquat, fish a flounder, mango, red rice.

  • saturations iodine that is important for prevention of the illnesses provoked by deficiency of this microcell;
  • improvement of a blood count;
  • stimulations of full functioning of all internals in the conditions of ecological pollution;
  • control of mineral balance;
  • providing future mother with a charge of vital energy;
  • normalization of exchange processes;
  • improvement of a condition of hair, nails and skin.

Harm and precautionary measures

Excessive hobby for this delicacy and the choice of low-quality goods can lead to serious problems with health.

Are dangerous to pregnant women of a shrimp in situations when:

  1. The organism is oversaturated by proteins and separate amino acids. That it did not occur, future mummy has to watch a ratio of the eaten proteins, fats and carbohydrates carefully.
  2. The products are saturated with heavy metals (mercury, arsenic) and radioactive materials. The goods are very specific therefore upon its purchase it is necessary to know the place of catch, avoiding adverse industrial sources.
  3. The recommended portion of a delicacy is systemically exceeded. It is known that shrimps, except irreplaceable useful components, contain a lot of cholesterol. This nutrient is harmful not only to the arising kid, but also to a maternal organism.
  4. The low-quality goods are consumed. The fact is that modern producers learned to grow up shrimps in the artificial way by means of synthetic additives: in such crustacean there can be antibiotics or hormones. Therefore, the women expecting the birth of the kid should choose very scrupulously seafood and to limit themselves in their portions.
  5. Shrimps are infected with helminths. Despite of the myth about neutralized properties of salty water, sea inhabitants very quickly catch parasites. It is possible to avoid invasions by the scrupulous choice of goods upon purchase and its further careful heat treatment.
  6. The delicacy is boiled insufficiently thoroughly. Consequences of similar tasting can end with serious virus infection and even with spontaneous rejection of a fruit. In medical statistics cases of infection with Botkin's disease, the Norfolk virus (causes bleeding of bodies of a digestive tract), are often fixed by a gastroenteritis, hepatitis and also the rotavirus, adenoviral and enteroviral infections caused by half-baked or crude seafood.
  7. Violation of storage conditions of finished goods. Food poisoning can be got, having regaled on seafood which was stored in heat or near undesirable goods and also was several times defrozen. It is necessary to consider specifics of exotic ingredient and to store it in the freezer in hermetic packing.
  8. Individual intolerance of seafood and development of an allergy. These processes are most often caused by violations in work of the immune system and can proceed in the form of acute anaphylactic reactions.

Preparation secrets

In the world of cookery there is a set of recipes in which cancroid sea gifts are cooked, extinguish, bake and fry. However for pregnant women boiled low-fat food with the maximum quantity of nutrients is recommended.

Important! According to the Oregon university, frequent consumption of seafood can become the cause of chronic poisoning and accumulation of toxins. Researchers connect this fact with global warming and increase of amount of domoyevy acid in oceanic waters. It is characteristic that this poison does not lose the activity even after heat treatment.

In order that the delicacy provided an organism with vital energy and satisfied gastronomic requirements, skilled hostesses advise:

  1. To give preference to the shrimps of the small sizes caught in the North Sea. Usually on packing they are calibrated so: 50/70, 70/90, 90/120. If there are no figures on packing, so inside regrading.
  2. The goods in transparent packages that it was possible to make out appearance of shrimps are preferable. They have to be covered with a thin transparent ice layer that speaks about one-time freezing of seafood at once after catching. The thick snow or ice cover is sign of repeated freezing and low-quality goods.
  3. Before cooking of Crustacea defreeze and clean. For this purpose it is necessary to separate a neck from a trunk and to remove from it an armor. It is also important to remove a part of a digestive tract of a shrimp that represents a hollow vein. When pressing from it dark substance which spoils appearance and taste of a dish is emitted. Successful extraction of this filamentary part requires the sharp kitchen knife or the special device reminding a pricker. The tool cut outer side of a tail zone then accurately move apart edges and pull out a gut.
  4. To cook the cleaned and washed out product in slightly added some salt water, having sustained on fire up to 7–10 minutes after boiling. Consider that seafood will reach the readiness when its external color exchanges on salmoncolored, and interiors will become purely - white and opaque. Remember that excessive cooking will turn a delicacy on rubber. After cooking of a shrimp strain off by means of a colander.
  5. If you got a ready-made product, it can be used as snack. However experts do not advise future mothers to experiment with similar tastings — better to prepare sea Crustacea independently.
  6. Women in the family way of a shrimp can use for preparation of soups, salads, tempura, snack, garnishes.
  7. If it is necessary to deal with the boiled frozen ingredient, it is enough to dip of it for 3 minutes into boiled water. Time of cooking is reduced because of the previous thermal treatment of shrimps.

Now you know what to be afraid during the choosing and the use of shrimps of and how to derive the maximum benefit from them for the health and health of future kid.

Important! Upon purchase of the frozen shrimps pay attention to their appearance and contents of a package. The snow which is present inside says that the product was defrozen and again froze several times; faded or yellow color of shrimps testifies to a peremorozhennost and long storage of goods, and direct tails of sea living creatures — to freezing of dead copies; black spots on a body and the head — symptom of diseases.

Do not forget that the exotic delicacy, except the vital mineral substances and vitamins, can be filled with heavy metals and toxins.

Therefore it is important to know when to stop and choose only qualitative Crustacea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team