Whether it is possible to eat barley crude

Whether it is possible to eat barley crude

The widespread cereal barley has good reputation. Abundance of vitamins, minerals, minerals, proteins, vegetable fibers holds in microbiological composition of grain. Eat a cereal as crude, and in a boiled look: porridges, soups, other dishes.

Since ancient times of seed of barley use for treatment and prevention of many diseases. Having the mass of useful substances, they find diverse application in traditional and traditional medicine.

Usefulness of the use of crude cereals

So, whether it is possible to eat barley crude? It is possible and, probably, it is even necessary, in the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes. Eat grains, previously couching. In the course of growth, enzymes which promote the splitting of proteins, fats, carbohydrates are activated. Grains are rich with calories that allows to fill an organism with sufficient energy, at small consumption.

Abundance of useful substances as a part of a germinated product much more, than in traditional dishes from it. They contribute to normalization of work of digestive organs, digestive tract. Eat it for clarification of blood, blood circulation improvement. Helps to restore or improve sight. The habit is barley crude promotes to replenishment of an organism enough cellulose, vitamins of group B and E that favorably affects health of skin, a hair, nails. Helps to bring slags, toxins out of an organism, lowers cholesterol. Vegetable fibers activate a bile-expelling system, prevent emergence of stones in a gall bladder and a liver. Help intestinal microflora, activating activity processes. Promote improvement of a chair, preventing locks. Infusions of barleycorns were used many centuries for prevention and treatment of diseases of an urinogenital system, kidneys. Use for strengthening of immunity, increase in vitality. Infusions from diseases of a digestive tract are used: gastritises, gastroduodenit, stomach ulcer and duodenum, colitis. The use of a germinated cereal will allow to avoid such unpleasant diseases as helminthoses, dysbacteriosis, food intoxications. Perfectly affects health of the people who underwent operations on a stomach. Stops digestion of carbohydrates thanks to the cellulose which is contained in structure if to use barley crude, then it is possible to prevent jumps of sugar in blood. The elements which are in a product regulate work of a pancreas.

Contraindications to application

Germinated grains can sometimes cause the raised meteorizm. In a stage of exacerbation of diseases of a GIT there is a germinated cereal it is forbidden. During the use it is necessary to refuse eggs, honey, vinegar.

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