Whether it is possible to eat honey in cells, and than it is useful

Whether it is possible to eat honey in cells, and than it is useful

All know about useful properties of honey, but nectar in cells as combines in itself properties of by-products of activity of bees is considered especially useful. We will talk about advantage of this product, its application in this article.

Honey in cells, acquaintance is closer

Without exaggeration, it is possible to call cells an architecture masterpiece — cells in the form of hexagons are identical each other. In these cells the perga, a uterine milk for bringing up of posterity and also other family members are placed. In the cells sealed by special lids, reserves of collected nectar keep the most part of the substances inherent in plants from which pollen was collected.

Here honey is better stored in liquid state, and processes of its crystallization considerably move away. In such look it is more saturated beekeeping by-products, than extracted from hundreds that gives it even more medicinal properties.

Learn, than it is useful and as bee pollen is applied.

Whether it is possible to eat cells

It is necessary to eat cells both, and it is useful. In the course of chewing the useful elements which are contained in propolis and wax are absorbed in mucous oral cavities, protecting it from pathogenic bacteria. Besides, there is a clarification of tooth enamel from a raid.

Getting into a digestive tract, wax shows property of absorbent, connecting the available toxins, products of disintegration of drugs and other harmful savings. Doctors of antiquity applied wax and propolis to treatment of many stomach diseases and intestines. The modern medicine recommends the use of a product during recovering from the postponed serious illness, during the postoperative period, at severe conditions of work and frequent physical activities.

Whether you know? The famous English actress Vivien Leigh after the performances restored forces by means of sandwiches — rye bread and a piece of honey hundreds.

Structure of comb honey

The rich chemical composition of honey in cells includes a set of useful elements, and except them and other products of beekeeping.

Maintenance of honey products

  • Propolis which is famous for the anti-inflammatory properties occupies up to 10% of the general share of honey hundreds.
  • Wax makes up to 40% of structure, by the way, in the sealed cells there is the cleanest product which was not affected by external influence.
  • According to beekeepers, about 140 mg of pollen are the share of one cell of hundreds; proceeding from simple calculations, the kilogram of a perga will occupy up to seven thousand cells.

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Chemical composition

  • Vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, N, SS.
  • Macrocells: calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus.
  • Minerals: iron, copper, manganese, zinc, fluorine, iodine.
  • Amino acids, amber acid.
  • Fructose, sucrose, glucose, maltose.

Whether you know? To produce only 100 grams of honey, the bee has to visit 10000 flowers.

About advantage of a product

Advantage of honey nectar in its useful properties: immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, knitting, wound healing and many others.

For children

Honey in cells will help to strengthen children's immunity, to overcome anemia and hypovitaminosis, cold. More than it is useful to chew cells as wax and propolis clean and protect gums, tooth enamel and a mouth from various bacteria which can cause dental problems. Cells at the use stimulate appetite, participate in blood formation processes, helping to produce the hemoglobin necessary for normal development and health of the child.

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The product helps to improve work of a brain, function of storing, assimilation of information. Will support at physical activities, will strengthen muscles and a bone tissue, will give necessary energy. Vitamins and minerals in structure well influence a thyroid gland, work of a cardiac muscle, giving to endurance and working capacity; to teenagers normalize a hormonal background, participate in production of sex hormones.

For adults

The product will help adults at problems with an urinogenital system: women have an erosion, cystitis, infertility, men have a prostatitis, impotence, bad quality of sperm. Besides, at violations of work of a liver and kidneys, biliary tract. Consumption of comb honey can save from nicotine addiction, remove nervous tension, normalize a dream and return forces at chronic fatigue. It is used at treatment of eyes for a cataract, many infections in an oral cavity, to them treated cough at bronchitis and other diseases of lungs. Honey is useful to work of a cardiovascular system, regulates arterial blood pressure, helps to reduce risk of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, strengthens a cardiac muscle.

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Rules of the choice of honey in cells: how not to buy a fake

One of the defining moments when choosing a quality product is its color:

  • cells of white color — the fresh, kept maximum of useful properties;
  • pink — are collected recently, also fresh;
  • yellow color — a product fresh, useful elements are kept;
  • brown color — says about a product old age, respectively, in its useful qualities it is possible to begin to doubt.

The structure of hundreds is not less important: if they dry or were frozen — vitamins and elements in them less, than in a fresh product. Besides all cells have to be closed by a wax cover.

Features of the use

Considering presence of organic acids, honey is an allergenic product therefore acquaintance to it should be begun with small portions that it will be convinced of lack of negative reaction.

We advise to read about properties and application in traditional medicine and cosmetology of types of honey: meadow, forest, flower, mountain, akatsiyevy, buckwheat, sunflower, chestnut, lime, dyagilevy, donnikovy.

As it is correct to eat comb honey

Cells are chewed, squeezing out from them liquid nectar, the remained wax is chewed as chewing gum, later spat out. However swallowed in small amounts, it will help at gastrointestinal diseases.

Important! It is necessary to understand that wax is not digested therefore it is not recommended to swallow of its large numbers.

The product in combination with bread from rye flour is very useful, it is considered that in such combination it helps to restore forces quicker. The use of hundreds in daily small portions (approximately a teaspoon) on an empty stomach is recommended. It is undesirable to heat before the use, at high temperatures the most part of the necessary elements disappears.

Whether it is possible in unlimited number

Abuse of natural sweet can cause negative reaction: nausea, vomiting, zavorot guts, lock. The recommended doses: to children — up to 50 grams a day, the adult — up to 100 grams.

Features of use of useful properties

In traditional medicine the honey cells are applied long ago (and successfully) to prevention and as supportive application at many diseases of respiratory organs, sight, an oral cavity, digestive, urinogenital and other systems of an organism. Women will find in it the mass of useful qualities for production of house cosmetics.


The liquid nectar sealed by lids is sterile that does possible to apply it to treatment of eye diseases. At treatment of conjunctivitis and cataract to part several drops of honey with boiled water and to use for burying eyes. At heart failure. The tablespoon of berries of a guelder-rose is filled in with boiled water after water cools down approximately to forty degrees, add a spoon of comb honey. Mix is infused hour, drunk on a half-glass, two-three times a day to food. A course of treatment — month.

At elevated pressure. Blackcurrant berries (500 g) mix with honey nectar (100 g). To normalize pressure, accept one tablespoon of mix a day, time of reception can be any.


The product favorably influences a hair bag, feeds and moistens a hair on all length, restores the whipped tips. Action of a product will help to eliminate such defect as dandruff, to appease the naggers and to give to a hairstyle of volume and gloss.

Honey favorably influences work of sebaceous glands, cleans face skin from dead cells, feeds and rejuvenates cages, healthy color humidifies and gives to the face. Regular use of sweet cosmetics will give to skin elasticity, will narrow enlarged pores, without corking them at the same time. Small age wrinkles will gradually be smoothed, face contours will be tightened. In summertime its application will help to protect skin from influence of ultraviolet, in winter — from peeling and dryness. It is remarkable that the product suits all types of skin, the only thing that is necessary — correctly to pick up other ingredients.

For preparation of cosmetic masks with honey it is possible to mix vitamin E, parsley, spinach, yogurt, strawberry, blackberry, oils: dogrose, cocoa, castor, peach, sandalwood, orange.

For hair

Moisturizing mask for hair.

One-two bananas (the quantity depends on length and the volume of a head of hear), two tablespoons of honey, 8-10 drops of almond oil. Components carefully to mix, apply on roots of hair, to rub in head skin and to massage easy movements. It is desirable to wrap up the head with a towel, in half an hour to wash away under flowing water without shampoo.

Whether you know? In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, honey could act as an alternative to money.

The strengthening mask.

Two egg whites properly to beat, add a cinnamon teaspoon, a tablespoon of honey and burdock oil. To apply mix on head roots, to distribute on all length. To wrap up the head with a towel, in forty minutes to wash away warm water.

For the person

Mask for oily skin.

A half of a teaspoon of lemon juice and tablespoon of honey mix up, applied to previously cleaned face skin (eye areas to avoid). In fifteen minutes the mask is washed away warm water and apply nutritious cream.

For dry skin.

To mash pulp of avocado to gruel, to add a honey teaspoon. To put on a face for twenty minutes, then to wash away warm water.


To mix oat flakes with a honey spoon, to put on a face. To wait fifteen minutes, then to massage a face with circular motions and to wash away mix warm water. After to apply the moisturizing cream.

As it is correct to store a curative product

If there is such opportunity, then it is possible to store cells in the cellar or a cellar at a temperature from +3 to +10 degrees, the room at the same time has to be well aired, and humidity of air to make no more than 60%. Storage is possible about half a year. In the absence of such possibility of a cell cut on pieces and store in the fridge, in a container with lid. Consider that densely you should not fill one capacity — cells will stick together. It is not recommended to store a product in a metal container, it can interact with metals, forming toxic connections. The natural sweet is kept in the fridge up to two years.

Honey in cells: possible harm and contraindications

The cellular product is saturated with acids therefore it is contraindicated during the periods of exacerbations of such diseases:

  • pancreatitis;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer;
  • diseases of a zhyolchny bubble;
  • stones in urinary bodies.

Important! Children up to three years should not enter honey into a diet.

With care it is necessary to eat cells at diabetes, an allergy, liver diseases, at severe forms of oncology.

Useful bee products

Bee cells contain also other products of bee activity which are useful and valuable in itself.


The Perga is a processing product bees of pollen which they diligently stamp in cells. Here pollen passes fermentation stages as a result of which sucrose is transformed to lactic acid. The final product is also called pergy, it is a forage for bee family, supplying them with necessary proteins, vitamins and enzymes. In medicine of a perg it is used for treatment of diseases of blood, it maintains the necessary quantity of erythrocytes, leukocytes, hemoglobin level. This property is used for recovery of a female body during the postnatal period, especially, if childbirth was accompanied by blood loss.

The perga at treatment of infertility at men and women is not less useful, to prevention of cardiac diseases, to pregnant women helps to cope with toxicosis and prevents abortions.


The top lids which bees seal cells are called zabrusy, pollen, propolis and wax are its part. Cut off zabrus during pumping out of nectar of their cells at a medogonka. Zabrus possesses antiseptic and soothing action, it is applied as supportive application at treatment of joints, a backbone, the diseases of digestive tract caused by pathogenic microflora. Zabrusny wax during chewing not only cleans a mouth from microbes, but also helps to cope with cold, antritis, infectious diseases of a throat.

Whether you know? In the territory of a botanical garden in Beijing the museum of beekeeping of China is located. Three halls of the museum contain an extensive collection of exhibits: the most ancient rock paintings with the image of bees, ancient beehives and also the modern medical medicines produced on the basis of beekeeping products.

Uterine milk

The milk is developed from a perga of a bee wet nurse, it has consistence and color of heavy cream. Feed with a uterine milk of a bee a uterus and posterity, and it is made for a uterus more fatly and is more nutritious. Contains bigger amount of the hormones and enzymes important for future fertilization and ability to bring forth offspring for family. For larvae of ordinary toilers of a beehive the quality of a milk is worse. The product is called not for nothing royal jelly as process of its receiving quite labor-consuming and the price is higher, than honey cost. Structure of a milk nasyshchenny honey nectar, the present group B vitamins, a lysine, proline and a large amount of acids, useful to an organism, are especially valuable in it.

Medicines on the basis of a uterine milk help to struggle with diseases of a brain, blood, warm. The milk saturates with collagen bone, connecting and muscular fabrics, helps to normalize processes of synthesis and a metabolism in an organism, normalizes work of a reproductive system.

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