Back pains and balneotherapy"

Back pains and balneotherapy"

the nobility what you deal with is necessary to define the reason. Often we see only consequences, and we try to fight against them, but not against the reason.

Today on discussion the most frequent causes of pains in a back, look, can you will find there, something useful to yourself.

Numerous long-term researches of doctors allocated a number of major factors which cause pain in a back. I provide the list on a corrective action umeshcheniye:

1) decline of OFF (it the banal, progressing not tracking the physical form, lack of elementary physical education);

2) smoking;

3) the congenital or acquired weakness of lumbar muscles;

4) obesity;

5) frequent stresses (sometimes even single);

6) depression (as well as with stresses both frequent and single);

7) drug addiction and alcoholism;

8) psychological frustration.

Long work in certain provisions (vertical, bent, sitting), insufficiency of physical activity for an organism, the wrong bearing - can be led to weakening of muscles of a back which will be shown by local pain.

There is a set of methods of nonconventional medicine, one of which is balneotherapy which effectively relaxes back muscles and kills the unpleasant aching pain.

The easiest way is to direct a regulatory shower to places which especially differ in painful effect. Water temperature has to be higher than average (more than 37 degrees), but acceptable for a body not to cause a burn. Gradually pain will begin to cease then continue procedures, carrying out at the same time massage of a painful point fingers of hands.

Different way: to increase temperature in the bathroom.

Order of implementation of the procedure:

  • to fill the bathroom approximately on a quarter of total amount with warm water
  • not to allow cooling and to make a support - enclose a towel or a wooden lattice on a bathtub bottom
  • each 4-5 minutes add hot water, approximately increasing temperature by 1-2 degrees
  • general time of the procedure of 15-20 minutes
  • after the end of a procedure - to take a cold shower

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