Calcium content in products, symptoms of a shortcoming, the reason

Calcium content in products, symptoms of a shortcoming, the reason

One of necessary elements for health and good health of the person is calcium. It is present at all fabrics and liquids of an organism, is directly involved in many physiological processes. For this reason it is very important to support the necessary level of calcium and not to allow both its deficiency, and surplus in bodies.

Than calcium is important for an organism

Calcium — the main substance of a bone tissue which influences the correct formation of a bone framework and serves as prevention of fragility of bones. Especially the macrocell is necessary for pregnant women, the feeding women and children during their active growth.

Even small children know that this mineral substance is very important for health of teeth and bones. However it has a much bigger range of useful effects:

  1. Warm and muscular systems. The macrocell supports work of a cardiovascular system, regulates heartbeat, gives the chance to muscles to work at the correct and smooth speed. Its shortcoming can lead to tachycardia, failure of arterial blood pressure, deterioration in muscle work, emergence of spasms.
  2. Nervous system. Mineral substance takes part in activity of nervous system. It feeds a nervous cage, assists in carrying out impulses. If the amount of calcium is not enough, then for adjustment of functioning of nervous system the organism begins to consume it from a bone or tooth tissue.
  3. Cholesterol. The human body contains good and bad cholesterol. And calcium gives the chance to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, to secure thereby against emergence of various problems: obesity, low blood clotting, strokes and heart attacks.

Whether you know? On volume calcium takes the fifth position among the elements which are present at a human body. About 2% of body weight of the adult are the share of this element.

Also the macrocell has antiallergic characteristics, reduces manifestations of allergies, promotes prevention of such illnesses as asthma, Quincke's edema, pollinoz. He favorably influences a dream, saves from insomnia, fights fatigue and nervous tension, brings out of an organism of salt of heavy metals, radionuclides and other hazardous substances.

Consumption rate

The necessary volume of Sa which the person has to consume daily pays off, proceeding from his age and a way of life.

  1. For children. The standard daily rate of mineral will depend on age of the child, activity and a floor. To newborns and kids up to six months enough every day to consume up to 400 mg, remains from 6 to 12 months should increase a dosage to 600 mg, to children from 1 year to 10 years — about 800 mg and to teenagers age from 11 to 16 years — up to 1200 mg.
  2. For pregnant women and feeding. Women who bear the child or feed the kid with breast milk, need the increased concentration of calcium. Their waste dose increases from 1500 mg to 2500 mg where 1500 mg are necessary for pregnant women in the first two trimesters and 2500 mg — to pregnant women in the third trimester and to nursing mothers. It is connected with the fact that during pregnancy and GV the woman has to consume a large amount of usual water owing to what from an organism some volume of vital mineral substances is washed away.
  3. For women and men. According to data of World Health Organization, it is desirable for adult to consume 800-1200 mg of calcium a day. At the same time at men the need for mineral substance is 200 mg more, than at women. At more advanced age, after 50 years when the organism begins to lose strongly calcium, it is recommended to use it not less than 1200 mg a day. For the people who are actively playing sports, the daily dose increases by 200 mg.

Whether you know? At women during incubation of the child and adults after 25 years the comprehensibility of mineral decreases therefore the organism begins to use the saved-up reserves — about 1.5 kg from the total weight.

Shortcoming symptoms

Symptoms of a lack of calcium (gipokaltsiyemiya) are shown not at once. At first the organism fills shortage from own resources, at the same time bones begin to lose flesh, and the following symptoms are shown:

  • shiver in extremities and muscular spasms. The deficiency of a macrocell leads to exhaustion and violation of a neuromuscular system owing to what there are spasms, numbness of extremities, bone pains;
  • twitching of corners of eyes, nose wings;
  • regular numbness of fingers of hands and legs;
  • destruction of teeth, development of caries;
  • problems with nails and hair, in particular, active hair loss, fragility of a nail plate;
  • developing of arrhythmia as calcium is required for normal reduction of a cardiac muscle. In the started cases the heart failure which does not respond to treatment can begin;
  • peeling, inflammation and dryness of integuments;
  • the increased bleeding arising because of violation of blood clotting.

The lack of mineral during active growth of the child can provoke development of scoliosis, flat-footedness, the general violation of a bearing. It is also possible to refer the increased uneasiness, excitability, irritability which arise owing to violation of functioning of nervous system to initial symptoms of a gipokaltsiyemiya.

Signs of surplus

The surplus of calcium is observed much less often, than the deficiency, and, as a rule, is connected it with overdose of kaltsiysoderzhashchy medicines or some diseases, for example, of oncological diseases, violations of a hormonal background.


The increased maintenance of a macrocell is noted at long application of dairy products — milk, sour cream, hard cheese.

Also the surplus of Sa can arise:

  • after performing radiation therapy in a neck and shoulders;
  • at long treatment of stomach ulcer;
  • owing to violation of work of an endocrine system;
  • at overdose by vitamin D.

In addition, the water pumped by the central water supply system quite rigid also contains the increased calcium level. Therefore if daily to use such water, at the same time to combine it with other kaltsiysoderzhashchy medicines, then at the person the giperkaltsiyemiya can develop. To avoid such problem, it is recommended to filter water before the use.

It is remarkable, but the giperkaltsiyemiya in the majority a case is observed at people of advanced age and women.


Carry to pronounced symptoms of a giperkaltsiyemiya:

  • weakness of an organism;
  • increased feeling of thirst;
  • the nausea which is often accompanied with vomiting;
  • locks, problems with digestion;
  • lack of appetite;
  • violations in functioning of kidneys;
  • arrhythmia, problems with work of a cardiac muscle;
  • mental deviations, up to development of hallucinations.

At children's age the manifestation of excess of mineral substance is followed by similar symptoms, as at adults: fatigue, absent-mindedness, nausea, vomiting, small appetite, weight loss.

Whether you know? Because of high chemical activity calcium in a free look in the nature does not meet.

What to undertake

Signs of a giperkaltsiyemiya are somewhat very similar to gipokaltsiyemiya symptoms therefore the most exact way of determination of level of calcium consists in performing the corresponding clinical trials and analyses. In the natural way excess Sa is removed by bodies very badly. Generally surplus concentrates in kidneys that leads to development of an urolithic disease. Besides, mineral collects in walls of vessels that provokes a stenosis, that is their narrowing. The usual clear water and special medicines appointed by the doctor will help to remove excess Sa. The address to the expert in this case is obligatory, he will be able to appoint competent therapy, based on results of analyses of the patient.

Among the medicines applied to a mineral conclusion, the greatest efficiency is rendered:

  • diuretics which will promote removal of calcium together with urine;
  • hormonal medicines.

Also the doctor can carry out dialysis — the procedure which allows to remove from an organism products of a metabolism and liquid which are not able to leave in the natural way through kidneys.

And, certainly, at surplus of mineral it is necessary to modify a diet: to reduce consumption of the products containing Sa in large volumes.

We advise to read about products with the content of minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur.

In what products contains

It is possible to fill shortage of calcium in an organism by means of various food.

Meat, fish and eggs

Calcium which is easily acquired by an organism in large volumes is in fish, especially in a salmon and a sardine, eggs, meat of chicken or beef. For obtaining the maximum advantage of these products they are recommended to be used boiled or baked. The sardine and a salmon on composition of calcium advance milk and dairy products. In 100 g of sea delicacies 325 mg and 595 mg respectively contain. Consumption of these products promotes not only strengthening of bones and teeth, but also improvement of the general condition of hair, skin, nails.

Chicken meat where 15 mg of substance, beef — 18 mg, lamb — 17 mg and a duck — 11 mg are the share of 100 g can brag of the maintenance of Sa. Eggs, in particular an egg shell which for 90% consists of a calcium carbonate are considered as an ideal source of calcium. It practically for 100% is acquired by an organism, allows to strengthen bones and teeth, to normalize work of nervous system. Experts advise to use the dried-up, crushed egg shell mixed with other food. As for eggs, they concede to a shell on mineral contents, so, in 100 g there are 50 mg of substance.

Learn more about advantage of eggs: chicken, quail (for women, men).

Nuts and seeds, bean

Sa many types of nuts — almonds, a filbert, peanut, walnut and bean, in particular soy, haricot, peas are rich. Except that nuts differ in the sufficient content of this mineral, Omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for a human body, which help digestion of calcium and also the magnesium strengthening a bone tissue are their part. Experts advise every day to use 3-4 nutlets in the raw and slightly fried. Soy and all bean help to sate an organism, to strengthen bones, have positive impact on the stable growth of a skeleton and teeth. Are most useful bean in a boiled look.

Read also about useful properties of haricot: red, white, siliculose.

Sa in these food (on 100 g) contains in such volumes:

  • soy — 257 mg;
  • haricot — 194 mg;
  • peas — 50 mg;
  • almonds — 250 mg;
  • filbert — 175 mg;
  • peanut — 70 mg;
  • walnuts — 90 mg.

Strangely enough, but some of leaders where there is this element, poppy seeds are — 1667 mg, sesame — 1474 mg, colza — 455 mg, sunflower — 367 mg are the share of 100 g.

Cereals, greens, fruit, vegetables, berries

Easily usvoyaemy calcium can be received, having included in the daily diet:

  • vegetables: all species of cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, leek, garden radish, beet, garlic;
  • greens: basil, salad, spinach, parsley, celery;
  • fruit: apples, fig, peaches, apricots, dates;
  • berries: cherry, melon, raspberry, grapes, gooseberry, dogrose;
  • citrus: oranges, tangerines.

Supporters of healthy food are convinced that for the adult the use of a large number of milk which contains Sa, harmfully therefore it is better to replace it with vegetables, fruit and greens. Content of this mineral substance in 100 g of various products equals (mg):


Sheet cabbage


Green cabbage








Garden radish














































Cereals, in particular, oat, corn grits, buckwheat and rice contain a lot of calcium. They are recommended to be used in the form of porridges with milk, honey or butter. In 100 g of porridge 50 mg of mineral, contain in corn flakes — 43 mg, buckwheat — 21 mg, rice — 33 mg. In a large number substance is in whole-wheat wheat flour. It is even more, about 900 mg on 100 g — in bran from wheat. And here in high-grade flour or a high milling calcium is absent in general.

Dairy products

Various dairy products are considered as a traditional source of Sa: milk, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese. For children to receive a daily dose of mineral substance, it is enough to drink several glasses of milk or yogurt.

Properties of cow's and goat milk differ: goat it is better acquired by an organism less allergenno.

The fact that dairy products not only contain mineral much is interesting, it is in the most well usvoyaemy form for an organism that is promoted by milk sugar — lactose which under the influence of gastric bacteria turns into lactic acid. Experts recommend to use products with the average level of fat content. With the increased level of cholesterol and obesity it is better for people to choose fat-free, but at the same time to remember that in them substance is acquired worse. The greatest percent of calcium in hard cheeses: 1100 mg of calcium are the share of 100 g. In other products the content of substance is on 100 g:

  • powdered milk — 920 mg;
  • processed cheese — 300 mg;
  • condensed milk — 243 mg;
  • kefir — 125 mg;
  • milk of 1% and 3% — 120 mg and 100 mg respectively;
  • yogurt — 120 mg;
  • sour cream — 100 mg;
  • cottage cheese — 95 mg.

Whether you know? The bigger fat content dairy product, the is less in it than calcium.

The medicines containing calcium

The medicines containing calcium help to fill shortage of mineral substance.

Monodrugs in which calcium is presented in pure form, without additives:

  • calcium carbonate;
  • calcium citrate;
  • Vitakaltsin;
  • Скоралайт.

The combined medicines where, except the main component, vitamin D and other minerals is added:

  • D3 calcium Nikomed;
  • Kaltsemin;
  • D3 calcium Classic;
  • Natekal D3.

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