Efficiency of acupuncture: advantage or harm for an organism?

Efficiency of acupuncture: advantage or harm for an organism?

Many know about existence of active points on a human body which stimulation is capable to cure different diseases and to prolong youth. One of the most widespread medical the practician of ancient China — acupuncture is also engaged in it. What is it, where and why it is applied whether the stinging needle is shown all — detailed information on it you will find further in article.

What is it, or acupuncture essence

In the millennia many wise men tried to solve a riddle of a human body. The successful attempt in this direction was made by east physicians who opened an inexplicable phenomenon of acupuncture for the whole world.

Whether you know? The first steel needles were found in China. These finds archeologists date backy approximately to the X century AD. But at that time iron products which in ІІІ century BC residents of Bavaria used were already known to the world. These objects instead of an ear had a stupid curved tip.

The procedure of acupuncture consists in complex impact on certain places on a body. It is carried out by introduction in skin of the patient of special needles of the different size and length that several minutes proceed. It is very old method of east therapy which is characterized by high efficiency. It is directed to stimulation of certain zones of a human body and elimination in them adverse power streams. The Chinese practicians are sure that the imbalance of energy of Qi is the main reason for developing of diseases.

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At the same time bodies on which place there is a congestion of this force are surprised. Correction of current situation is possible only at influence on special channels that are called as meridians. As practicians explain, the principle of the stinging needle is constructed on inclusion of reflexes. When communication between sick body and the corresponding active zone on a corporal meridian is broken, there is a disease. If to puncture this point, the lost interrelation will be restored that will cause fast recovery.

Whether you know? Today the largest producer of needles in the world market is Great Britain. In this country in 1850 the special needle machine which cultivated steel products, habitual for contemporaries, was invented, cutting through in them ear. The goods were very much appreciated as before needles were made manually of a wire. Therefore the English machine allowed the kingdom to declare itself as about the monopolist of needle production.

The effectiveness of similar therapy is recognized around the world, but scientists cannot still solve the mechanism of the curing force. Complex influence of acupuncture aggravates this task that allows to involve energy of all internals of the person at the same time. Feature of acupuncture is not only its efficiency, and and safety. Many with fear treat so radical methods of treatment. But, according to the statements of experts, the acupuncture excludes side effects — provided that it is carried out by the skilled professional. In the course of such treatment, rules of hygiene have to be followed.

About advantage of the stinging needle

Europeans prefer traditional drug treatment, but nevertheless sometimes resort to acupuncture techniques. However, there is it only in cases when conservative therapy is powerless.

Whether you know? China began to practice acupuncture still B.C. Then for these purposes special tools which sizes corresponded to length within 12 centimeters and width — from 0.3 to 0.45 millimeters were also created. Such needle surely had the spiral form that was not visible, but was felt to the touch.

Experts who are engaged in this east practice long ago, emphasize its extensive influence on a human body. Today by means of acupuncture it is possible to treat a lot of things. Often similar therapy practices in such branches of modern medicine:

  • ophthalmology (at glaucoma, shortsightedness, an ametropiya, thrombosis, dryness and an atrophy of an optic nerve);
  • gynecology and urology (at infertility, a polikistoza of ovaries, mastopathy, failures in menstrual recurrence, sexual dysfunction and frigidity);
  • neurology (at osteochondroses, neuralgia, neuritis, insomnia, stresses and depressions, vegetososudisty dystonia);
  • narcology (at alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction);
  • traumatology (at craniocereberal injuries when there is a failure in brain blood circulation);
  • pulmonology (at bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia);
  • gastroenterology (at ulcers and erosion in bodies of a digestive tract and also at colitis, diseases of a liver and pancreas);
  • endocrinology (at a craw of different degree, diabetes and at violations in work of ovaries, adrenal glands);
  • dietology (at obesity);
  • cardiology (at tachycardia, coronary heart disease, hypotonia, a hypertension and also for rehabilitation after a heart attack);
  • flebologiya (at thromboses, obstruction of veins).

Whether you know? On a body of each person is more than 660 sensitive points known for today which are responsible for functioning of appropriate authority.

It is characteristic that at patients who underwent the procedure of acupuncture the physicians note improvement in work of a blood system, normalization of exchange processes, psychoemotional and hormonal backgrounds. Besides, at these people puffiness disappears, and skin becomes better.

Features of application of acupuncture

In order that the reflexotherapy brought the maximum results, it is necessary to believe in its success. Besides you should not trust someone the health. Especially as there is a number of features which in the course of treatment have to be observed both from the reflexologist, and from the patient. Let's consider some of them.

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For maintenance of health

For application of acupuncture it is not obligatory to wait until your health knocks down any illness. The procedure is recommended even in the preventive purposes and also for strengthening of protective functions of an organism. Make sure that entrusted the body to the experienced reflexologist. Before the procedure he surely has to talk to the client, find out his age, sex, a physical and spiritual state. All these factors and also time of carrying out manipulation have special influence on its effectiveness.

Important! The acupuncture is not carried out to the period of the beginning of a menstrual cycle at women.

In this plan a lot of things depend also on you. It is necessary to tell the expert who will carry out the procedure, about temperature of the body, the tormenting symptoms, the food and gastronomic preferences and also about addictions and the accepted medicines.

For disposal of addictions

We mentioned above that by means of reflex impact on a human body it is possible to cure chronic alcoholics, addicts and heavy smokers. It is characteristic that this way of treatment helps not only to get rid of addictions, and and improves a condition of the patient. The person does not feel dependence and need to struggle with it.

It is important to consider that any session of acupuncture provides total rejection of alcohol, greasy and spicy food. Also throughout all course the swimming in any reservoirs including artificial is contraindicated. These requirements should be fulfilled as the procedure is incompatible with big physical activities, some drugs and hard usvoyaemy food.

It is important! If you observe symptoms of cold, a respiratory viral infection, it is impossible to hold sessions of acupuncture. Therefore surely report to the doctor even about the slightest irritation in a throat and slight increase of body temperature.

For weight loss

The course of acupuncture is shown to everyone to lose extra kilos. But it does not designate at all that needles alone can be been in good shape. The healthy nutrition and physical activities will be necessary for symmetry of a body. Experts explain a phenomenon of sharp weight loss after the stinging needles as a reflex message in a human brain that leads correction of work of appropriate authorities. But each client demands individual approach. Therefore depending on features of an organism the following types of acupuncture can be applied to weight loss:

  • classical when the reflexologist tries to influence directly bodies of a digestive tract, a liver and kidneys (the session lasts not longer than hour);
  • by Falev's method that means introduction of the only needle in a zone of the auricle which is responsible for appetite (demands constant medical control);
  • that consists in installation of one needle too, but from Falev's technology it differs in Mukhina's principle in a form and duration of the procedure. The tool reminds ornament as piercing which can be carried about one year.

Important! During the procedure, insignificant painful feelings, drowsiness, burnings, numbness are considered as norm. All these symptoms come to an end together with acupuncture. At emergence of strong discomfort it is necessary to report about it to the doctor.

Whether harm is possible

At first sight the procedure of reflexotherapy seems very simple. But actually she demands profound knowledge and long experience. In most cases patients easily transfer introduction of needles. All feelings during this period depend on specific features of the person and his pain threshold. Many patients are afraid, imagining a picture as they pierce with sharp needles their body, and wounds begin to bleed. You should not prick up the ears, these medical needles very much differ from tailors.

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The fact is that they have a rounded edge therefore at introduction of tools skin is moved apart. The patient can feel the speeded-up pulsation and pressure in the place of reflex influence. Inflow of heat, weight are also quite probable an itch. Some patients note feelings that they remind instant electric discharge. After the end of all manipulations, bruises and slight pain in the place of acupuncture are allowed. It occurs when the tool gets to a vessel. In cases when the doctor does not follow the rules of hygiene, the probability of infection with hepatitis of S, V type and HIV is high. Also low qualification of the doctor can entail for itself damage of nizlezhashchy fabric fibers, falling of arterial blood pressure, an unconscious state, injuries of birthmarks and keloid hems that will become the reason of their malignization.

Important! Before a session of acupuncture it is impossible to eat and also to visit a sauna, the pool and a bath. The procedure is not carried out on a hungry stomach and after intravenous pricks. Before and later it is not recommended to freeze through, spasms in muscles and vessels will become an obstacle for desirable effect.

Consider that the acupuncture will be productive, only when it will be carried out by the highly qualified specialist. The deficiency of knowledge at it can be worth a lot to you. Often doctors who practice east technicians, recommend a tandem of reflexotherapy and massage. Pay attention that the similar combination is contraindicated:

  • to pregnant women;
  • at diseases that are followed by an acute inflammation;
  • at oncological diseases;
  • at infections;
  • at tuberculosis;
  • at physical and emotional exhaustion of an organism;
  • at drug or alcoholic intoxication;
  • to children at whom fontanels on a darkness are still open.

The beginning probationers of acupuncture can have embarrassment to needles – they can break or get stuck in your body. In that case not to avoid surgical intervention.

Acupuncture and science

Despite of progress of modern traditional medicine, experts resort also to reflexotherapy. Many leading experts consider that east practicians of acupuncture help at chronic and sharp processes of different diseases. Often they yield result, even when the conservative medicine is powerless.

Whether you know? The most ancient medical treatise about acupuncture is dated 221 year B.C. In it the detailed instruction of holding a session is given, but mentioned only 295 active corporal zones.

Doctors note special efficiency at diseases of a back, backbone, arthritis and various dependences. Paradoxically, but against the background of universal recognition any of the existing theories does not explain fully the mechanism of action of needles. Besides in some last reviews of clinical experiments and tests there is an opinion on short-term influence of a course of acupuncture. Allegedly the procedure only removes symptomatology that gives long-awaited relief and is perceived for healing. Actually the cause of a disease is not removed. Therefore sceptics rank reflexotherapy as empirical techniques that at the moment do not answer scientific inquiries of modern medicine. Those who already tested on themselves needle technology, speak about positive and long results of the procedure. However, practically in all cases it is about the scrupulous choice of the expert which will treat. Consider that the procedure expensive. Therefore be not tempted with low prices behind which nonprofessionalism and negligence, as a rule, hide.

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