Why it is necessary to sing?"

Why it is necessary to sing?"

remarkably affects health. And, above all, choral. It perfectly first of all improves a condition of the people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It was said by the American scientists. Also, scientists drew conclusions that choral singing, namely classical of popular musicals remarkably influences work of a brain.

For this purpose, to receive such results, scientists did an experiment within four months. During the research they studied a condition of people of advanced age who lived in one of nursing homes.

Results of an experiment byl stunning. As the human health which took part in choral singing considerably was investigated improved. Separately, suffering from weak-mindedness were on the mend. These people showed good results of mental activity in comparison with a state prior to the experiment. For this purpose, that for all 100% to be convinced of advantage of choral singing, scientists checked participants cognitive abilities tests.

Besides, all participants after the experiment reported that they are satisfied with the life. Thus, choral singing has also this increase in mood has additional benefits. Therefore, experts I advise all to take participation in choral singing.

Thereof experiment, neurologists I insist on that suffering from weak-mindedness to carry away choral singing. And at all not to put an end to these people. Everything can be corrected. The main thing to help them with it. Besides, choral singing is not medicine which demands means.

Doctors proved that choral singing very effectively helps even to those people who have too severe form of weak-mindedness. Often they are even protected in separate chamber.

The main symptoms of weak-mindedness are a loss of memory, the weakened brain functions. And choral singing, just helps to make active those sites of a brain which I am responsible for memory.

Meanwhile, psychologists also claim that singing perfectly influences the general camp of the person. It helps people to find joy, positive emotions, to forget about bad. According to them, even hearing of music positively influences the person. The main thing to choose only those songs which calm. Often psychotherapists even appoint to the patients to listen to certain compositions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team