How to accept and for what the medicine "Trifala Guggul" is necessary"

How to accept and for what the medicine "Trifala Guggul" is necessary"

The Ayurveda — one of types of alternative medicine, is considered traditional in India. This philosophical science about life and health became widespread worldwide for a long time. Ayurvedic medicines are based on components of plant and animal origin and also at them quite often there are precious and semiprecious stones and metals which undergo preliminary processing not to do much harm to a human body the toxicity. We suggest to get acquainted with one of Ayurvedic medicines, namely — "Trifala Guggul", with its structure and the instruction for application.

Description and general information

This medicine has the rejuvenating and cleaning effect.

By means of a detoxication, medicine helps to get rid of the collected slags, many chronic diseases, to prolong youth and also to increase immunity and to improve the general condition of an organism.

"Trifala Guggul" is also very popular as medicine for fight against obesity.

Whether you know? The healthy nutrition is considered the basic principle of Ayurveda: if the person has a balanced diet consisting of useful products, then no drugs will be necessary for it and if the patient during treatment continues to overeat and eat fried and greasy food, no medicines are capable to help it.

Structure and effect of medicine

The composition of medicine is unique, rather rare and effective vegetable components, including an amla, haritak, babkhitak enter it, pippat pepper long and pitch of a guggul.

Amla, babkhitak and haritak are most powerful natural antioxidants which use has the cleaning and rejuvenating effect.

Also refer acupuncture, a yogoterapiya, corticosteroids, hypnosis to alternative medicine.

Long pepper of a pippala is widely used in Ayurveda as anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-spasmodic, antiallergenic and tonic.

Pitch of a guggul belongs to the most valuable substances in India as the range of its application is incredibly wide. The component of plant origin cleans and dilutes blood, influences as strong antioxidant, normalizes work of the vital systems and bodies, such as liver, intestines and lungs. Raises sexual desire.

Strengthens hair and nails and also improves a condition of skin.

Important! "Trifala Guggul" informally is considered highly effective means for treatment of oncology at early stages. Before application surely consult with the attending physician.

Indications to application

According to the instruction for application, "Trifala Guggul" in tablets is applied in the following cases:

  1. At it is purulent - necrotic skin diseases, namely furuncles and an anthrax.
  2. At purulent inflammations of fabrics, that is abscesses.
  3. For treatment of the diseases connected with a venous system including hemorrhoids.
  4. At various violations in work of a digestive tract, including an ulcer, a chronic diarrhea, an abdominal distension and gases.
  5. At arthritises.
  6. For clarification of intestines.
  7. For treatment of ophthalmologic problems.
  8. At hypostases.
  9. As means for weight loss.

Methods of application and doses

As medicine has accumulative effect, it is necessary to accept it a course not less than 40-60 days. "Trifala Guggul" drink 1–2 tablets 2 times a day at meal time for clarification and rejuvenation of an organism.

Upon termination of a course, it is necessary to take the drug all the year round during transition from a full moon to a new moon on 2 tablets in the evening.

The course of treatment can be longer depending on the diagnosed disease therefore before therapy it is desirable to consult with the Ayurvedic doctor.

Whether you know? Ayurvedic medicines are more allocated for prevention of various diseases, preservation and extension of youth. While the classical medicine, is generally directed to treatment of concrete diseases.

The expert will in details paint the scheme of reception and also will make recommendations about an occasion of a diet which in certain cases should adhere during use of medicine.


In spite of the fact that medicine is based on vegetable components, there is a variety of reasons on which its application is forbidden:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual intolerance of components of medicine;
  • exacerbation of gastritis or ulcer;
  • sharp pancreatitis and cholecystitis;
  • to children 7 years are younger;
  • it is not combined with the drugs containing estrogen.

It is important! If during reception "Trifala Guggul" you noticed deterioration in a state or allergic reactions, reception of tablets it is necessary to stop and see a doctor immediately.

Storage conditions

One of the most popular producers "Trifala Guggul" is the Indian company Dabur. Medicine of this producer is packed in packings on 40 tablets. It is necessary to store medicine in the place, dark, dry, inaccessible for children and pets, within 2 years from the moment of date of production.

Before beginning reception of "Trifal Guggul", it is necessary to consult with the attending physician and also with the expert in Ayurveda.

Considering that moment that Ayurvedic science — the science philosophical, useful will be to get acquainted with its elements and to penetrate into an essence, it will help to increase efficiency from reception of this means and to understand in more detail the principles of influence of similar drugs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team