How to refresh the house

How to refresh the house

Each room in the apartment has to have the person. We spend a lot of time and money for selection of interior and for expensive repair, but after a while we get used to new situation, to new things and we cease to notice them. Therefore periodically it is required to make changes to situation. But it is absolutely optional to start new repair and to spend many forces, nerves and money. It is possible to use small cunnings which will help to refresh your house and will save time.


1. Look at things from a different angle, estimate and if there is opportunity, then make shift of furniture. Be surprised how everything will change this small updating. At once it will become clear that in the room superfluous and what it is possible to get rid of. Of course, not always parameters of the room allow to make global shift of things. But even in case the room small it is possible to make changes to usual life.

2. The window is interior subject too. Its form and architectural processing significantly affect the image of your dwelling in general. Buy new interesting curtains. If you have monophonic walls, then choose curtains with the drawing and vice versa. Originally the curtain from two parts looks. Fix upper part in the tense state on wooden eaves, lower – on metal rod. Fabric for such curtains use the cotton Scotswoman on lining from monophonic sateen or calico. If you have two couples of the direct curtains easy tulle hang up directly over window. Beautifully intercept side curtains tapes which attach to walls. The drapery which can give view of the theatrical coulisse will turn out, having attached lambrequin to eaves.

3. One more important part of your interior about which it is impossible to forget is sofa. It can be made interesting too, rather just to choose new cover on it. Now on sale there is large number of covers on the most various types of sofas. If with the choice you had had difficulties, then it can always be sewed under the order. It is the best of all to have several covers at once, well or at least two. So you will be able always to refresh situation in seconds, without leaving the house.

4. The most important, be not afraid of bright accessories. Scatter bright pillows on your sofa. Pick up several family photos and place them in beautiful framework on wall. In any room the coffee table on which it is possible to place vase with fresh flowers will be always appropriate. Houseplants will give to interior of the city apartment warmth of wildlife. Try to pick up collection so that blossoming of plants continued all the year round. Show imagination, and your apartment to turn into original, bright and unforgettable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team