Ideal breast"

Ideal breast"

breast is considered really ideal? Let's return to different eras which indicator are various works of art. Usually it is objects of painting, a sculpture and poetry. In primitive times – it images of Venus which had pretty big breast of the giving birth and nursing mother. It symbolized about hard times where survival was one of vital factors.

In Hellas the sculptures represented a perfect breast which in a circle equaled to 91 centimeters. This indicator was received by measurement of many Greek the statues representing young girls and women. In the Middle Ages, on the contrary, works of art represented girls at teenage age more and are more senior – only than 79-80 centimeters in a circle.

Renaissance is characterized by more modern view on female beauty. Colourful forms were one of the main indicators of skill of the creators. One of striking examples is an image of Titian "Venus in front of the mirror".

In the 18th century again the sizes of an ideal breast become a little more. Creators gave preference to larger forms, plump hips and hands. The size of a circle reached 97 centimeters.

The 19th century - an aristocratism era in which were appreciated refinement, small leanness and a subtlety of a figure. The perfect breast was considered 92 centimeters. Otherwise was in the 20th century when the ideal sizes of a breast – 90 centimeters were put. However, since then opinions nevertheless change. It is considered that the breast has to be slightly less ideal. The dispute remains open.

Following the results of the last researches it became clear what part of a female body is most attractive in the opinion of men. It turned out that in bigger number of votes pay attention to eyes of girls at once, it is slightly less – on a figure and the most smaller – on a breast. Therefore it is impossible to tell that a female breast – the main advantage of the weaker sex.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team