Lemon oil: than it is useful for what and how to use

Lemon oil: than it is useful for what and how to use

Lemon — magic without any exaggeration, a citrus which has the mass of useful substances and curative properties. For enrichment of an organism with all necessary vitamins, of course, it is worth using the whole fruit of a lemon, and here for appearance the people began to use radio extract from lemon fruits in cosmetics long ago.

As receive lemon oil

Directly for receiving essential oil not all citrus fruit but only its cover — a dried peel is used. Methods for receiving exists two: pressure and stage (steam way).

Important! Lemon extract cannot be used at all as the only ingredient as oil — very concentrated product. Before procedures it should be mixed with a necessary basis.

The product is extremely valuable, for receiving hundred grams of pure oil it is necessary to process more than 7 kg of large ripe lemons. The method of pressing is in that by pressure upon a dried peel to extract from it necessary oils in the special vessels filled with water. The received mix infuses and as a result air rises up (it is easier than water) and gathers. At a steam stage the method of usual distillation steam works: steam heats a dried peel and absorbs all oils and useful properties, then it comes to a flask which cools it and turns into condensate. Further collecting oil is made from a water surface, as well as in a case with a pressingovy method. Both methods are equally productive, and are chosen depending on existence of the necessary equipment.

Chemical composition

The radio product contains the useful substances which are in a dried peel of a yellow citrus. The most part is made by limonene which is the main useful substance. Also in small amounts contain in oil:

  • Linalilatsetat.
  • Tsitral.
  • Pinene.
  • Linalyl ester.

Useful properties and application

Oil from a dried peel of a lemon has the mass of useful properties and helps to cope with a huge number of cosmetic problems: to get rid of pimples, to dry oily skin, to strengthen a nail plate and many other things. Lemon air is applied in all spheres on body care and also in perfumery and even in means to acceptance of bathtubs. Thanks to huge amount of curative properties, the lemon product by right is considered the radio product, most popular in the world.

Whether you know? The product from the squeezed-out dried peel of a lemon is excellent means for scaring away of insects.

National recipes

In the people lemon fat has huge popularity and most of girls use it in the cosmetology purposes. Today there is a huge set of national recipes with use of this wonderful means.

For hair

Essential oil of a lemon as means for the injured hair — recent opening which literally turned upside down the industry of care products for hair. It turned out that such plain product renders smart effect on hair even later couple of uses. All know that hair care begins with head skin care, and therefore, it is important to remember that massage and furthermore they with addition of lemon oil, will improve blood circulation and will well affect a root system. Will be necessary for massage of the head:

  1. Several drops of air of a lemon.
  2. Tablespoon of burdock oil.

To heat on couple burdock extract to temperature of 40-50 °, to add lemon extract. Having dipped finger-tips, to do circular motions on all surface of the head within 15 minutes. It is desirable to repeat the procedure several times a week. It is also possible to make the strengthening mask for hair: Juice of olives and castor mix up in identical proportions (on a tablespoon) and heat up to 40 ° on couple. We add couple of drops of air of a lemon and we rub in hair on all length (especially tips). In half an hour, mix can be washed away.

For face skin

Essential oil of a lemon is an excellent component to do nutritious face packs. It gives the effect excellent rejuvenating, moistening and weakening. It is easy to do masks with application of this valuable product in house conditions, and the result will be fine as if you visited expensive beauty shop. To prepare a mask which will rejuvenate skin and will smooth wrinkles it is necessary to mix milk (half of a tablespoon) with honey (tablespoon) and to add couple of drops of air of a yellow citrus. To apply to clean dry face skin for 15 minutes, to wash away warm water. To repeat the procedure few times in a week. Also there is a magnificent recipe for oily skin: To add couple of drops of lemon air to a tablespoon of grape seed oil. To put for 10-15 minutes.

For hands and nails

Thanks to huge amount of useful properties, oil of a lemon is a find for female hands. It rejuvenates skin, does it gentle and soft, feeds and gives healthy color. Constant use of a product from citruses will help to avoid cracks and callosities on hands and also neutralizes an adverse effect of chemical detergents on skin of hands. For preparation of house hand cream it is required:

  1. Usual cream or vegetable oil (teaspoon).
  2. To steam of drops of a camomile, sage and air of a lemon, eucalyptus drop.

All ingredients to mix and rub a thin layer. A bath with lemon oil for strengthening of nails: To dissolve in cold water a product from a lemon, an eucalyptus, a tea tree and jojoba in equal proportions (several drops), to lower finger-tips for 7-10 minutes, after properly to rub an oil layer in a nail plate.

Whether you know? The lemon is a friendship symbol more than in 120 countries of the world.

For teeth

The product from citruses is very useful to a mouth: both for teeth, and for gums. If to add couple of drops of lemon air when toothbrushing once a day, then such procedure will promote both to bleaching of tooth enamel, and strengthening of gums, protecting them from such terrible word as periodontosis.

For massage

Lemon extract possesses excellent fat-burning means therefore it is actively used by massage therapists at the procedure of anti-cellulite massage. It is added to honey, oil or cream of the master which is applied on problem sites. Such massage procedures allow to achieve much quicker necessary result and to get rid of so-called orange-peel.

For inhalations

Inhalations with air of a citrus helps to cope with any catarrhal diseases quicker. It is necessary to add couple of drops of oil to hot water and to breathe under a towel for several minutes. There are data that extract of a lemon is excellent febrifuge.

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The aromatherapy is excellent means for stress relief and receiving full relaxation. And the juice from a lemon dried peel having great aroma will help to feel all delights of such relax. It is necessary to add air to the aromalamp in number of 5-7 drops for obtaining the maximum effect.

Improving bathtubs

In a complex with an aromatherapy it is possible to take magic baths with use of essential oil of a lemon. For achievement of the greatest effect it is necessary to add air to proportions 1 drop on 50 liters of water. Such bathtub will help to be refreshed, relax and please the body.

Important! At addition of too large number of air it is possible to achieve negative effect in the form of a headache.

Storage conditions

The nobility how to store essential oil of a lemon is not less important, than it is correct to use it. All citrus products need to be stored in the fridge, then the term of its validity from the moment of opening will be of 6 months about half a year. The cover surely has to be always densely closed in order that the fine lemon smell was not gone.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

In any business the main thing is to know when to stop and not to go too far. This rule works also in a case with essential oil of a yellow citrus. It is very important to observe a dosage because in case of overdose of any air the headache, reddenings, rash and other unpleasant moments is possible. It is also important to remember that oil promotes increase in susceptibility of skin to negative impact of ultraviolet therefore it is not recommended to use a radio product before an exit to the street in a clear sunny weather extremely. Extract use in principle is not recommended to people who study chemotherapy for treatment for cancer. Lemon oil — incredibly valuable and important product which makes incredibly favorable impact on skin, nails, nervous system and a human body in general. At observance of simple rules, plain masks and baths from air of a lemon will become the real rescue from need to buy expensive cosmetics.

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