Essential oil of rosemary: than it is useful as well as for what use

Essential oil of rosemary: than it is useful as well as for what use

In ancient times the people noted unique curative properties of rosemary.

It was eaten, used for treatment of many diseases, fumigated with it houses for exile of evil spirit, attributed to a plant magic force.

There passed centuries, and essential oil of rosemary is used still in the different fields of medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, life.

As receive essential oil of rosemary

For receiving essential oil of rosemary use the blossoming tops and leaves of a plant young escapes, as a rule, are used.

The received raw materials are processed one of three ways:

  1. Branches, leaves and the blossoming parts of a plant fill in with the boiling water which has to cover the prepared material completely and extend from it all useful substances.
  2. The prepared raw materials are spread on special lattices and process its ferry.
  3. Combine the above methods.

As a result of raw materials processing the high temperatures emit the gas containing parts of essential oil. To separate and collect essential oil, the received fragrant gas is placed in a container with low indicators of temperature. At the exit of distillation receive such products as essential oil of rosemary and aromatic water. Each of these products has useful qualities and a certain value.

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Medicinal and useful properties

Use of this radio means is quite various, and its properties are appreciated by the person:

  • improves work of a brain, makes active memory;
  • orders thoughts;
  • raises vitality of an organism;
  • stimulates nervous system;
  • is anesthetic, the disinfecting means;
  • reduces amount of harmful cholesterol in blood;
  • smoothes old scars and hems on skin;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves growth and a condition of hair;
  • saves an organism from hazardous substances, thereby cleaning it;
  • contributes to normalization of work of a cardiovascular system;
  • helps with care of skin;
  • normalizes activity of a GIT.

Important! Rosemary is the faithful assistant to men as well influences male power, saving them from impotence.

Application in different spheres

Radio means from rosemary has such wide range of curative properties that it is applied in different fields of activity of the person and in different ways:

  1. Use inside.
  2. The means intended for drawing compresses, grindings, massage are enriched.
  3. It is added to aromavanna, aromamedalyona, potpourri burners.
  4. All line of cosmetic products is enriched (soap, shampoos, gels for washing, creams, etc.).

In cosmetology

Remedy is widely used in cosmetology as care of problem skin, as the draining medicine and means for reduction of a time as a panacea at skin diseases, eczemas, furunkuleza. Eliminates cracks on feet and palms, rassasyvat old scars and hems on skin.

Whether you know? In the 14th century for the first time it was succeeded to receive essential oil from rosemary, it was a part of an emulsion the Queen of Hungary.

In traditional medicine

Unique curative qualities of a plant are noticed long ago by herbalists who successfully applied them:

  • for improvement of work of digestive system;
  • for harmonization of work of a gall bladder;
  • for improvement of quality of sight;
  • as the anesthetizing medicine at migraines, headaches;
  • in treatment of neurosises;
  • for simplification of pains at rheumatism;
  • for removal of puffiness of legs;
  • as the all-strengthening cure for long diseases;
  • as the medicine increasing pressure;
  • for strengthening of a lactation during feeding by a breast;
  • as the restoring medicine for work of a liver;
  • for treatment of a throat, diseases of the upper airways;
  • for normalization of a menstrual cycle;
  • for strengthening of vessels.

Whether you know? In the 16th century by means of rosemary fought against distribution of pathogenic microbes. Branches of this culture set fire and fumigated with a fragrant smoke rooms in the house.

Recipes of application

Essential oil has salutary qualities, and in interaction is capable to work wonders with other means.

For hair

Essential oil of rosemary with success is applied in cosmetics to growth of hair. Regular use of this means promotes strengthening of follicles, well influences head skin, eliminating the excessive fat content or excessive dryness, normalizes secretion of sebaceous glands. For elimination of dryness of hair: To mix 30 drops of olive oil with 20 drops of rosemary. This mix is distributed on all length of hair if to rub it in roots of hair — their growth is stimulated. To cover the head with the warming bandage. This mask is put in one hour prior to washing of the head.

For an oily hair the means for washing of the head (calculation on 100 ml) is enriched with the following oils: 6 drops of rosemary, 6 drops of an okotea having a tail, on 4 drops of lemon and carrot juice. It is desirable to apply the enriched means three times a week.

Whether you know? For receiving one liter of essential oil of rosemary it is necessary to process more than 50 kilograms of the blossoming plants.

For strengthening of hair mix the following oils: 10 ml jojoba, 20 ml of grape seed, 2 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of an acorus, 1 drop of a birch, 1 drop of oil Bae. The received mix is rubbed in head skin and roots of hair and to reduce quantity of the whipped tips — to moisten with mix tips of hair. To cover the head with the warming bandage, an hour later the head wash with shampoo.

For removal of dandruff: 30 ml of burdock oil and 16 drops of rosemary connect, warm on a water bath and rub in roots of hair and head skin. To cover the head with the warming bandage. This mask is done in one hour prior to washing of the head. Oil of rosemary is applied to strengthening of nails, it influences a nail plate, influences growth of a nail. To receive strong nails, use the recipe of a bath with sea salt: 1 glasses of warm water, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 3 drops of air. To ship hands for 20 minutes in a bath, to dunk hands a towel, to moisturize the skin hand cream. Two times a week, not less than a month do such baths.

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For face skin and a body

Valuable quality of this means is that it influences acceleration of blood circulation on a certain site of skin. After its application the superficial wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion improves, the water balance of skin is restored, hypostases under eyes are eliminated, skin pigmentation is leveled.

To understand how effectively to use rosemary face oil, we will consider several councils.

For alignment of a relief of skin, smoothing of scars and hems, elimination of the dark stains which remained after removal of pimples: to add 4 drops of rosemary oil to 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter (dogrose). To grease with this mix problem places two times a day. As the decision for problem and oily skin the following recipe will serve: 2 drops of rosemary are added to 1 tablespoon of oil of a thistle. Apply this mix to purely washed up skin, and only in 40 minutes the surplus of a mask removes a paper towel.

Essential oil of rosemary from pimples: apply on the inflamed sites of skin clean (nothing diluted) means with dot dabs. As a result inflammatory process is removed, healing of affected areas of skin accelerates.

That the person did not cast a greasy luster, it is necessary to use the following recipe: from white (blue) clay add 5 drops of essential oil to the mask divorced to consistence of sour cream, carefully mix and put on a face, avoiding zones around eyes. The mask is put for 15 minutes then it is washed away by warm water. The face is moistened with cream. The number of the carried-out procedures depends on a condition of skin — every day for 10–30 days.

Oil of rosemary and for a body is used, it gives softness and silkiness to skin, lifts its tone and elasticity: it is added to cedar oil (walnut, a coco, a dogrose, cocoa, avocado) at the rate of 2 drops on 1 tablespoon.

For massage

If to enrich a single portion of cream for massage with three drops of rosemary, then the effective remedy against cellulitis will turn out. Every day after acceptance of a shower it is necessary to rub within ten minutes to problem places the enriched means, in 15 days the result will be noticeable.

Aromatherapy and improving bathtubs

The aroma of remedy removes stress of day, stressful states, gives the chance to relax. Reduces irritation, lightens the mood, positively affects immunity, influences memory of the person.

Important! You should not be fond of an aromatherapy with rosemary oil addition in the evening as it is famous for the invigorating effect and more appropriate in the morning.

For improvement, a raising of vital forces take baths with addition of 10 drops of magic means in two-three hours prior to a dream from time to time.

How to choose and store in house conditions

When choosing oil pay attention to its appearance and structure. Liquid in a bottle has to be colourless or with a subtle yellowish shade, has quite pungent, pronounced smell with the invigorating effect. As a part of natural means there is no place to additional additives, fragrances. For storage choose the bottle made of dark glass, leave it in the cool and dark place. A period of storage — up to 5 years.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Radio means should not be used:

  • to people with individual intolerance;
  • to people with irritable and sensitive skin;
  • to children up to 6 years;
  • to people who in the anamnesis have an epilepsy;
  • to people who have problems because of elevated pressure;
  • to pregnant women.

Important! Before the use of oil of rosemary it is necessary to make diagnostics on lack (existence) of allergic reaction to this medicine.

As any medicine, essential oil of rosemary is not allowed to be applied thoughtlessly and without measure as at the excessive use it is possible to achieve boomerang effect:

  • dizziness;
  • emergence of feeling of panic, alarm;
  • sharp change of pressure;
  • spasms can be observed;
  • at non-compliance with norm — burns on integuments.

Rosemary essential oil is a useful and effective remedy in fight against many problems. Its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties were appreciated in the medical sphere and in the cosmetology industry. Enriching with this unique means already finished cosmetic goods, it is possible to receive effective medicines for hair or problem skin care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team