How to clean deposit in frying pan

How to clean deposit in frying pan

Washing of frying pan – one of the most unpleasant affairs for the hostess. Not always it turns out to make it right after cooking. Therefore later time even on the most expensive ware it is possible to see deposit. In this case it is already necessary to arm with serious means and to clean frying pan.


1. Mechanical cleaning of deposit with skovorodys outer side any frying pan looks the most started, the thickest layer of deposit exactly there is formed. For its removal you can use mechanical ways, however consider that thus it is possible to clean not any frying pan. Precisely this option approaches, perhaps, only to pig-iron product, for other frying pans use these methods at own risk. Take normal metal brush or scraper and clean with strong movements external walls of frying pan. If there is no scraper, you can use knife. To simplify and accelerate process, heat ware on fire. The deposit itself will lag behind pieces walls. Cleaning thus aluminum frying pan, be accurater with application of forces, also you should not hold long it over flame. If you have no naked flame (gas-fire), can use blow torch. The principle of use is similar. Heat frying pan and otlushchivayta deposit. From pig-iron frying pan it is quickly possible to remove deposit by means of the grinder. But the one who well copes with this device has to work. The protective suit, respirator, safety glasses is for this purpose necessary. If on surface of frying pan there are scratches, remove them small nazhdachka, walk it on walls after full cleaning. Of course, for ceramic and teflon frying pans you should use other methods.

2. Universal solution for cleaning of deposit with skovorodyvozmita the big capacity where the frying pan will easily be located. If the handle at frying pan wooden, remove it better. Fill capacity with water so that frying pan all has been covered with water, put on fire for heating. Prepare the universal cleaning solution from 0.5 kg of soda, 1 bar of laundry soap of 72% and 2 packs of water glass cement. For this purpose grate soap on grater and put in water, there add soda and water glass cement. Stir slowly weight before full dissolution of all components. Put frying pan with deposit in ready solution, in parallel it is possible to clean other ware with the same gross contamination in the same place. Bring weight to boiling and you boil 15 minutes. After that switch off fire and cover big capacity. Leave frying pan for 2-3 hours to become wet, later this time you will need only to get and wash out ware normal sponge, all deposit will descend from frying pan. If contamination was gross, using knife, help the largest pieces to lag behind walls. Consider that this method at all the effectiveness has one minus – during "cooking" of frying pan on kitchen and all apartment very unpleasant smell extends. Therefore it is better if you do it in the open air or in very well aired room (with the draft) and with powerful extracts.

3. Folk remedies for removal of deposit Depending on the means which are available at your disposal, you can choose suitable structure of detersive. The deposit from kitchen utensils can be cleaned by means of vinegar. For this purpose make vinegar solution with water in proportion 1 to 3. Put frying pan on slow fire, pour in it solution and heat, sometimes adding slightly waters in process of its evaporation. You will see that the deposit will lag behind itself walls. After completion of process the ware will smell of vinegar. To eliminate smell, boil soda solution in frying pan. Minus of this way of cleaning is that vinegar most likely will not cope with strong deposit, and will be able to remove only easy and average pollution. You can use classical laundry soap (72%) for cleaning of frying pan. Take half of bar, grate it and add to frying pan together with small amount of water. Put everything on small fire, stir slowly weight before full dissolution of soap. Bring to boiling and you boil weight in frying pan about half an hour. Further well wash with water. Use vinegar, salt and soda for cleaning of deposit. For this purpose pour vinegar that the bottom has been completely covered in frying pan. Add 2 tablespoons of salt and bring this weight to boiling. When boiling make small fire and put 70 more grams of soda. You boil about 10-15 minutes, later wash up frying pan as usual. You can increase or reduce boiling time at any used means, depending on deposit thickness. The following method will be suitable for cleaning of frying pan from stainless steel. Pour out in ware of half-glass of salt, distribute on all surface and let's infuse. If the deposit was small, it can descend completely and the frying pan will need only to be washed. At strong deposit in addition it is necessary to use the following method. Crush packing of activated carbon (10 tablets) and scatter on frying pan surface, pour a little water that gruel has turned out. Leave for one or one and a half hours then carefully wash out. Well helps to remove deposit from frying pan mix from laundry detergent and sunflower oil. You will need powder for hand wash that there was no excessive foaming. Add to the cleaned capacity of a little laundry detergent and 2-3 tablespoons of oil. The quantity will depend on capacity volume. Bring solution to boiling and leave to soak before full cooling.

4. Ways of cleaning from deposit teflon and ceramic you skovorodokvozmit 3 liters of water, 200 grams of cleaning agent for ware and 50 grams of soda ash. Connect everything in high-capacity where it will be necessary to submerge frying pans. Boil within 30 minutes without soaking. In conclusion carefully wash dishes flowing water. It is similarly possible to use mix from the laundry detergent and water (office) glass cement taken in equal proportions. To clean teflon and ceramic frying pans, mix in ware with deposit 10 grams drills, 1-2 drops of ammonia solution and 1 glass of warm water. Distribute on all pollution and leave for some time. After that the deposit will easily depart from frying pan, it will be necessary only to wash up it as usual.

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