Pangamovy acid, or Advantage of B15 vitamin for your health

Pangamovy acid, or Advantage of B15 vitamin for your health

For strengthening of immunity and improvement of the general health it is necessary to select correctly the diet and vitamins which we eat. Pangamovy acid is not produced by an organism independently therefore it is necessary to be enriched with it from other sources.

Description and general characteristic

Pangamat of calcium (or pangamovy acid) — the vitaminopodobny substance increasing immunity and ability of an organism to fight against external irritants. Acid is called vitaminopodobny because by researches it is not proved that its absence in a human body is fraught with any serious deviations.

Connection is water-soluble therefore it can be accepted both in tablets, and by consumption of vegetables, fruit, the seeds containing this element.

B15 vitamin is useful at the raised cholesterol indicators, atherosclerosis, asthma, liver diseases, psoriasis, however it is worth avoiding its reception at glaucoma, a hypertension.

The main functions and advantage for an organism

100-300 mg a day are the recommended dose of pangamovy acid for the adult. Using vitaminopodobny substance in such quantities, you improve:

  • digestion of oxygen fabrics;
  • work of adrenal glands and liver;
  • synthesis of proteins;
  • lipidic exchange.

Also B15 can reduce cholesterol level in blood and prevent cirrhosis. It optimizes power processes, returns to muscles a tone, removes a condition of weakness and fatigue.

Whether you know? One more useful property of substance is suppression of desire to take alcohol and also an opportunity to remove (or to minimize) hangover symptoms.

Improvement of the general condition of an organism — here the main feature and value of pangamovy acid.

Vitamin sources

B15 vitamin can be found both in vegetable, and in animal sources. It is also possible to buy it in tablets and to use in number of 100-300 mg a day. It will be more useful to receive a similar dose of vitamin from its natural sources as during meal you enrich an organism with other nutrients.


In vegetable sources in the greatest numbers pangamovy acid contains in stones. Pumpkin and sunflower sunflower seeds, sesame, apricot stones, nuts are the most widespread and most readily available sources.

Whether you know? From apricot stones in 1951 B15 vitamin was for the first time extracted. Kerbs became his pioneer.

Also the melon and watermelon which enjoy wide popularity in summertime will help to enrich the organism with a similar element. It is possible to receive a necessary dose of vitamin by consumption of brown rice and beer yeast in the winter.


Fans of meat are recommended to a thicket to eat a liver not to feel the need for B15 vitamin. This product in principle needs to be included in the diet as, except the high content of pangamovy acid, it has a set of other useful properties.

The liver contains in large numbers amino acid under the name a lysine. It influences digestion of proteins and calcium and also restoration and maintenance of a tone of sinews.

One more source of B15 is blood. Blood sausage or a stake of average pro-frying will become tasty and useful addition to your diet.

It is useful to know what vitamins it is necessary to accept at a climax, at problems with sight, at pregnancy, when breastfeeding, at diabetes, for increase in immunity, for increase in growth, for hair, nails, for memory and a brain, for joints and ligaments, for heart and vessels, for a liver.

Daily requirement and norm

This vitamin improves the general state and increases immunity therefore people of any age need to use it.

Important! The element can do much harm to people of old age therefore before the use surely consult with the doctor.

Children up to three years are not recommended to accept more than 50 mg of pangamovy acid a day. From three to seven years it is possible to raise a dose to 100 mg, and after seven and to fourteen — to 150 mg. Further it is already necessary to use from 100 to 300 mg depending on health and medical indications concerning compatibility of vitamin and your organism.

It is important know what can will turn back gipervitaminoz and whether it is worth being afraid of avitaminosis.

Shortage and surplus of vitamin

B15, undoubtedly, is useful. It is appointed to athletes to prevent oxygen starvation, it interferes with formation of fat in a liver and in general favorably influences an organism.

But some do not even guess that they need to revise attentively the schedule and style of food as they observe symptoms of shortage or a surplus of this element. Attentively read symptoms to improve the health.


The constant feeling of fatigue even at insignificant loadings testifies or to serious diseases, or to the shortage of vitamins. At a lack of B15 vitamin also following symptoms are observed:

  • disorders of nervous system and irritability;
  • presenilation or deterioration in a condition of skin;
  • decrease in habitual working capacity;
  • difficulties in work of a cardiac muscle.

At observation of these symptoms it is recommended to see a doctor that he held consultation and appointed to you a dose, necessary for your state.


The overdose of vitamins arises after reception of a large amount of active agent. Similar happens as a result of negligent attitude to instructions of application. This state is characterized:

  • drowsiness or, on the contrary, irritability;
  • headache;
  • violation of a warm rhythm.

Ways of elimination of overdose are different, but anyway it is necessary to see a doctor behind consultation. Most often the simple stop of intake of medicine helps, but washing of a stomach in rare instances can be necessary.

Interaction with other substances

Pangamovy acid is soluble in water therefore in an organism she quickly enough enters interaction with other substances. Thus it can neutralize an adverse effect of the chlorocontaining elements on an organism.

It is important! In spite of the fact that B15 is vitaminopodobny substance, it is necessary to observe strictly the instruction to avoid possible negative consequences.

Also she fights against harmful influence of aspirin on adrenal glands and digestive system. Sometimes vitamin is appointed together with medications that it neutralized negative impact of medicines on human organs.

Usilyaet efficiency of intake of B15 vitamin simultaneous use of vitamins A and E.

Dosage forms of B15 vitamin

Fat regeneration of a liver and oxygen starvation is those symptoms at which treatment by this element in the form of tablets is appointed. In medicine salts of pangamovy acid which are well dissolved in water are used therefore have fast impact on a human body at intake.

Medicine dose for everyone different. For its definition several factors are considered:

  • age;
  • diagnosis;
  • associated diseases.

For example, for people of old age the dose of medicine will be less, than for teenagers as at the first the risk of negative impact of B15 on a cardiac muscle is increased.

Possible harm and contraindications

B15 vitamin is not produced by an organism therefore it is considered vitaminopodobny substance. For this reason it is necessary to treat its reception with responsibility that there were no overdose symptoms.

Because of the excessive use of substance sleep disorders, irritability, violations of work of heart and headaches can be observed. Most often rather simply temporarily to stop intake of medicine to remove all symptoms. Anew it is recommended to begin a course only after consultation of the doctor and attentive studying the instruction.

Pangamovy acid is not a strong element therefore signs of its harmful influence on an organism at various diseases were not revealed.

B15 will allow you to normalize digestion processes. Surely include it in the diet if you play sports as it prevents oxygen starvation. The main thing is to follow accurately the instructions specified on packing or issued by the attending physician.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team