Advantages and shortcomings of gas-concrete houses

Advantages and shortcomings of gas-concrete houses

Houses from gas concrete gain the increasing prevalence in our country every year. Despite relative youth of this construction material, great number of buyers appreciate advantages, preferring such houses, not brick or tree.

Advantages of the house from gas concrete

Gas concrete, it is possible to carry to group of concrete of foam mortar, excellent fire-resistant material which price is less, than at brick or concrete of monolithic type. 

It has absolutely new production technique that allows to receive ready-made product with the required set of properties.

Porosity and ease of concrete blocks because in the real composition of the frothing agent and component binding. The first is responsible for increase in density and heat-insulating ability, however, this force decreases. Nevertheless, during construction of low-rise buildings of safety of concrete blocks more than it is enough to sustain the weight of walls, roofs and floors.

Low heat conductivity, small specific weight, ecological and fire security of gas-concrete blocks often become the defining factors in the choice of this construction material.

House cost from gas-concrete blocks is much lower, than housing cost from tree or brick. As a result of it the modern house is available for a wide range of consumers.

House shortcomings from gas concrete

The laying from gas-concrete blocks has low-fracture toughness and is exposed to cracking. So do not forget to take care of the qualitative base which can be tape or monolithic. Other suitable option - construction of heavy concrete bed. Experts recommend to use gas-concrete blocks for buildings with area less than 120 m.

Among shortcomings of gas concrete it should be noted the increased hygroscopicity of this material which easily absorbs water vapors from air. It is very dangerous to laying, risk of collapse when it is saturated with moisture. Thus, after obligatory stage of construction of wall - its special exterior of cover. You can use plaster, siding or about finishing by decorative brick wall. Even in terms of esthetics, the house before the facing and after it to compare to compare as it is impossible - its exterior so considerably changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team