Advantages of marble flag

Advantages of marble flag

The marble flag strongly holds leader positions in the list of facing, finishing materials. Thanks to the unique characteristics the tile from beautiful and durable stone has wide scope of application.

Marble was used in construction since ancient times therefore it is no wonder that the mankind applies tile from natural material and today. The marble flag looks respectably, facing material with the unique drawing will decorate any interior. Unlike ceramics, marble does not tarnish over time, it is capable to serve decades and even hundreds of years. Coverings from natural stone have wear resistance thanks to what the tile from marble quite often serves for facing of floor in rooms with big passability.

Marble flag – ideal material

The marble flag is made from eco-friendly stone. It is possible to choose it even for works in rooms with the increased humidity, finishing material will provide sufficient waterproofing.

Natural marble is distinguished by high cost, but this material allows to make interior unique. From stone it is possible to create table-tops, windowsills, steps for ladders and many other things.

The tile from marble is suitable for performance of exterior and interior finish, the stone with firmness maintains static and mechanical loads. Often the marble flag is got for floor, color of material will not change from frequent contact with water and even aggressive cleaning agents. However it is the best of all to use special structures for care for surfaces. The natural stone easily transfers temperature drops, influence of solar color. The tile will not become covered by cracks if to apply it as facing to house fireplace, bathroom interior.

All pluses of marble flag

The wide color palette, various shades, the rich invoice – these factors also add popularity to marble. From natural stone it is possible to receive plates of any sizes, forms, including, to make finishing material under the order. When cutting in marble microcracks are not formed. Let's add to these advantages and simplicity of laying of tile. To lay blocks from stone, it is enough to choose suitable glue.

The covering of marble flag will keep the esthetic appeal if to spill on surface, for example, drink or to put on it hot pan.

Marble fashionable today has the unique drawing, at the same time the tile from stone can be combined with any other facing material. For example, with valuable breeds of wood or textured plaster. Marble gives scope for imagination of the designer. The floor tile from marble effectively extinguishes sounds and any fluctuations, material has sufficient electric insulation properties therefore he is not capable to accumulation of static electricity. And the high mechanical strength of marble flag is explained by threadlike structure of stone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team