Ampel full of magnificent flowers

Ampel full of magnificent flowers

If to pick up the plants blossoming magnificently, then ampel, suspended on house wall, railing of balcony, verandah or gazebo, will be pleasing to the eye violence of bright paints. Real suspended mini-bed!

It is required to you

  • - basket from wire with a diameter about 50 cm
  • - soil for plants
  • - moss sphagnum or another
  • - support for pot
  • - tsmin chereshchaty (5 pieces)
  • - lobelia (12-20 pieces)
  • - petunia (6 pieces)
  • - fuchsia (3 pieces)
  • - plyushchelistny geranium (3 pieces)
  • - verbena (3 pieces)


1. Before landing in ampel it is necessary it is abundant to water plants. Then it is necessary to prepare basket and to lay out it thick layer of moss. That the basket during process of landing was steady, it is possible to put it on big flowerpot, bucket or small bowl – it will become much more convenient to work! Place support for pot in the center of basket – it will help to detain part of water during watering. Fill basket with the earth.

2. It is not obligatory to buy ready seedling for some plants. So, the lobelia erinus will perfectly ascend from seeds. And here tsmin, it is better to get geranium and fuchsia in the form of ready seedling. On each side plant verbena and tsmin. After that put one more layer of moss, and then plant petunias. Around place lobelias. That the earth did not get enough sleep from basket, in need of opening it is possible to cork with moss. In the central part of basket place fuchsias and ivylike geraniums so that they hanged down through edges of basket. Fill blank spaces, having planted lobelias. If it is necessary, add to basket still the earth. Water. The suspended mini-bed is ready! It is possible to hang up it.

3. It is necessary to water plants in the ampel once a day, and in hot time – twice a day since moisture in the suspended ampel evaporates much quicker. During blossoming it is necessary to make fertilizing of plants liquid fertilizers. It is necessary to do it up to August.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team