How to grow up watermelon in humid climate

How to grow up watermelon in humid climate

Watermelon loves water, especially during filling in of fruits. Therefore in humid climate he feels perfectly. It is important to provide it warm conditions of growth, it is correct to look after, then fruits will be big, with sugar pulp.

It is required to you

  • - soil;
  • - watermelon seeds;
  • - water;
  • - greenhouse.


1. In the Bezrassadny way grow up watermelons generally in the southern regions. In average, northwest latitudes the harvest can be received, having planted seeds at first on seedling. Early it cannot be done as then shoots will not be provided with necessary amount of solar heat

2. At the time of disembarkation seedling should not be extended therefore prepare seeds of watermelons in 27-30 days prior to disembarkation them in soil. Cover of sunflower seeds firm. If to put them at once to the earth, they will long sprout and not all will ascend. Therefore it is necessary to wait for germination of seeds in water.

3. Place rare fabric or piece of gauze in the superficial vessel. Put on it water-melon sunflower seeds, cover with the second half of matter. Pour growth factor solution. In such look the seeds have to stand 10-12 hours.

4. After this time merge nutritious solution. Pour into capacity with seeds a little water and put to the warm place. You can put the vessel on solar windowsill, place in kitchen. You watch that fabric was damp all the time, but it was a little. Water has to moisten cloth only.

5. As soon as there are small backs, put sunflower seeds in peat pots – on 2 in everyone. When shoots grow to 2-3 cm, leave the strongest.

6. In humid climate watermelons need to be planted under the reliable shelter. The hotbed from polycarbonate will become the perfect place. Also the glazed greenhouse will approach. The soil surely has to be easy and rich organic chemistry. For this purpose make ridges of mix of humus and peat in proportion 1:3. Such soil is loved by medvedka – dangerous wreckers of young garden cultures. When landing watermelons make at distance of meter of pole of 3 cm in depth, put in everyone 5 granules of Medvetoks, spill them and cover with the soil.

7. Lower peat pot in water that he has well got wet, put him in the prepared spilled hole. Powder with the soil of plant to cotyledonous leaflets.

8. Watermelons are sympathetic on watering by organic chemistry. Wet in 10 liters of water one-liter jar of manure or half-liter bird's dung. In 2 weeks after planting of seedling water each plant with this fertilizer on the damp earth.

9. Give organic fertilizing each 3 weeks. When the plant blossoms, add glass of ashes and 2 tablespoons of superphosphate on each 10 liters of solution.

10. If on the site there are not enough bees, pollinate watermelon ovaries. Pick men's flower, remove lobes, move stamen on pestle of women's. At the last under flower the small rudiment of watermelon will be visible. If pollination has happened, then in 2-3 days the rudiment will begin to increase. If is not present, then will soon turn yellow and will dry up. On each lash leave no more than 1-2 tied fruits. When they grow, "tail" will begin to dry, so watermelons have ripened. It is possible to break them and to taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team