As it is easy to choose wall-paper

As it is easy to choose wall-paper

Beginning repair, each family faces choice problem: what wall-paper will be suitable for rooms, kitchen, the bedroom, etc. The offered range strikes with the variety of various wall coverings.

Paper wall covering

This wall-paper is the most vosstrebovany and popular, they strike with abundance of coloring and structures: with the drawing and without, smooth and relief, single-layer and two-layer. Advantages: the cheapest of all provided, are made of eco-friendly material therefore will be suitable for children's rooms. Shortcomings: it is impossible to glue in rooms with the increased humidity, otherwise they will begin to lag behind walls. Are very short-lived: over time the drawing loses the clearness, are subject to abrasion.

Flizelinovy wall-paper

It is the same paper wall covering, only with basis from interlining - nonwoven fiber with high density. Are white ""under painting"" and color. Are suitable for pasting of any rooms, including kitchens. Advantages: Big durability - one can easily glue, without assistance, do not shrink after drying, are eco-friendly, pass air, hide small cracks on wall surface. Shortcomings: quite high price, relief flizelinovy wall-paper are easily damaged - possibly emergence of dents and scratches. The pronounced relief on cloth will become the place of localization of dust - that it is especially important to know to asthmatics and allergic persons.

Vinyl wall coverings

Two-layer wall-paper - the first (lower) is paper or interlining, the second - frothed vinyl. Happen smooth, relief and silk-screen printing (stamping, for receiving relief silk thread adds to PVC). Look expensively and smartly, will be decoration of any room. Advantages: Vlagoustoychiva, it is possible to wash and clean. Long keep colors, are practically not inclined to burning out. Hide minor defects of walls. Shortcomings:  the high price, it is quite difficult to glue if there are no special skills. Top layer completely synthetic therefore some time are allocated spetsifitsesky smell. Is not suitable for pasting of children's rooms.

Natural wall-paper

This type of covering becomes more and more popular. These are completely natural materials (wood, stopper, bark, seaweed, straw bamboo, etc.) on paper or flizelinovy basis. Are made manually. It is possible to paste over with this wall-paper the room entirely or the chosen fragments. Advantages: Create cozy interior, are warm to the touch. Are eco-friendly. Well absorb sound, do not burn out in the sun. Shortcomings: The high price, it is difficult to cut on cloths and to glue, it is not recommended to glue to the room with the increased humidity. Because of features of natural materials joints between the pasted cloths are well noticeable.

Textile wall-paper

Have appeared long before paper wall covering, but have become widespread just now. It is two-layer wall-paper - fabric (silk, linen, felt, velor, etc.) on paper or flizelinovy basis. Often fabric covering is made synthetic, easier to look after it. Advantages: Look expensively and exclusively. Are resistant to impact of sunlight. Possess raised zvuko- and thermal insulation. The synthetic fabric covering can be vacuumed. Shortcomings: Absorb dust, moisture, has begun to smell. High price. The expert is necessary for their gluing.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team