As it is better to leave the man

As it is better to leave the man

Unfortunately, not all relations turn in "long and happily to death". Sooner or later almost each woman should endure parting. And men, as we know, do not forgive if they are thrown. How it is beautiful to report about a gap and with advantage to leave?


1. Be honest. Both before, and before the man. If you decided that it is necessary to put an end in the relations, do it. You will not necessarily have to tell the true reasons of the choice at all, but do not run silently. Say goodbye, leaving.

2. Unfortunately, many women prefer to threaten with parting, actually wishing that they were stopped. If in your relations there were already similar situations, then the man can just not believe in gravity of your intentions. To avoid a dramatic scene of a quarrel, loud sobbings and an unpleasant talk it is possible, in advance having packed things. Report about the decision only when you are completely ready to leave.

3. Break in relations is not pleasant. Try that farewell dropped out for rather quiet period of life at both of you. If the man has, for example, serious troubles at work, dear people, etc. are ill, then postpone news about a gap whenever possible a little.

4. Perhaps, you worry, news will be how adequately apprehended. Or that it is even worse, you really have bases to be afraid of aggressive reaction. In this case think how it will be better to leave: at a personal meeting or by phone. The main thing that the man heard intonations of your voice, it was convinced of your confidence. Do not report about a gap by means of a sms or the letter on e-mail.

5. It is very difficult to keep the friendly relations after parting, but you can try to make it. Choose cozy small restaurant or cafe, reserve a table, invite the man there on the day off. Behind a cup of coffee or a glass of wine quietly report to it that made the decision on parting. It is good if you adduce any arguments.

6. Refrain from insults to the man even if he tries to provoke scandal. Remember that you have to leave beautifully that the man could not expose you in impartial light before your mutual friends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team