As it is original to decorate the house

As it is original to decorate the house

Accessories and objects of decor play large role in modern interior. Even with good repair any room looks incomplete without jewelry. What ideas can use to decorate the house?


1. Take normal candles and integral sticks of cinnamon. Tie each candle with sticks of cinnamon and fix all by rope or tape. Such ornament will fill the atmosphere with pleasant smell of cinnamon. Take pine cones of the different size and brilliant paint. Make festive daisies or beads and hang out them on the house.

2. Decorate candlesticks. The first option: take acrylic paint for glass and apply the abstract drawing on candlesticks. The second option: make knitted covers for candlesticks. It will look beautifully and unusually.

3. Paint walls with acrylic paints. Everything that is required to you – brushes, paint and is a little imagination. Artists can give total freedom of the imagination and independently think up the suitable drawing. For those who have no art skills solution will be found too. Now in shops special cliches are on sale. Thus, walls will turn into true piece of art.

4. Hang up on picture wall from fabric. If banal pictures seem to you too boring, make own. For this purpose you will need wooden framework and fabric with patterns. It is possible to create picture from separate rags or whole material.

5. Turn daisy into flower liana. Take normal Christmas garland and color paper. Make paper florets with openings and put on them bulbs. Hang up daisy over window or over outer door.

6. Place on the house of vase, basket and pots with flowers. Buy flowers, make of them compositions and place in the most unexpected places. Tie up pots beautiful tapes or decorate with beads, pebbles and paints.

7. Beautifully lay the table. Prepare refined dishes, make shaped cookies. To the center of table tie up helium balls. Do not forget about cloth and openwork napkins.

8. Create patterns at windows. Do not wait in the winter until the frost ornaments your windows, make it by means of acrylic paints. If there is no desire to draw, use stickers. On windows hang up beautiful curtains.

9. Decorate chandelier. Take satin ribbons and threads with beads, hang up them on chandelier. It is possible to add flowers to composition in the summer, and in the winter of snowflake.

10. Draw attention to windowsill. If you in the room on windowsill have not really long curtains, decor objects as it is impossible by the way. Take pebbles, shells and fill up them in glass vases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team