As most to make plank bed

As most to make plank bed

The plank bed allows to be located conveniently under the sun to receive equal suntan or to take refuge in shadow and to enjoy reading the favourite book. The comfortable sun bed can be made of tree or plywood.

It is required to you

  • - self-tapping screws
  • - board or plywood
  • - drill
  • - thin drill
  • - varnish for wood


1. Make frame. For this purpose take boards 100 - 150 mm wide and 25 - 30 mm thick, to smoothly their ostrogayta and grind, deleting all splinters and jags. Bring down frame of 200 x 80 cm in size from boards.

2. Attach to frame of leg about 30 cm high. Them make the bases rather wide not to be pressed into the earth.

3. In the main build in P-shaped semi-frame from headboard. Its width has to be equal to the internal dimension of basis, and length to be 80 cm. This element will perform function of back of sun bed with adjustable inclination.

4. For adjustment of inclination of back it is necessary to establish the level capable to move in grooves of main frame. For ensuring sufficient range of adjustments establish 3 – 4 grooves. If to lower level absolutely, the plank bed will become horizontal and will be able to serve as orthopedic grid for bed or trestle bed.

5. On motionless and mobile parts of plank bed by means of ersheny nails or self-tapping screws attach previously planed and ground shtaketina. What will already be these elements, the plank bed will look that more decoratively.

6. As fastening is made close to edge of shtaketina, drill in this place opening thin drill. Thus, the nail will go in shtaketina, without splitting it.

7. If necessary you can replace shtaketina with plywood 8 - 10 mm thick. Nasverlite of opening in veneer sheet in places of fastenings or cut plywood strips. The last option will make plank bed more comfortable and elastic.

8. After assembly coat sun bed or it is delicious. It is also possible to make assembly from the parts separately covered with protective layer in advance. As operation of plank bed is made, as a rule, in the open air, provide to wood reliable protection against precipitation, having covered it with three coats of varnish or paint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team