As the ceiling with caissons is called

As the ceiling with caissons is called

The beautiful ceiling in the dwelling demonstrates not only taste of the owner, but also his prosperity. Lacunar ceiling in the ancient time, the Middle Ages was equipped in luxurious palaces, houses of rich citizens. And today this option of registration of rooms surely returns.

"Caisson" is translated as "polygonal deepening". And it is valid, the design represents set of deepenings, beams, cells. The similar type of ceiling is called lacunary or decorative. As caissons crossbeams can perform with difficult ornament, eaves, borders, modelled ceilings, various transitions to walls and even painting longitudinal.

Features of lacunary ceilings

This type of ceilings was used still by ancient Greeks. At that time additional longitudinal and crossbeams performed exclusively practical function – unloaded walls, beams. Only later the lacunar ceiling began to be decorated with ornament, stucco molding, other elements of decor. Lacunary ceilings have gained special popularity during era when without fail equipped with them palaces of monarchs and the dwelling of influential persons.

And then, and presently the lacunar ceiling is capable to give impressive, solid look to any room: to office, hall, living room, bedroom, library or billiard room. Besides esthetic appeal, the lacunar ceiling forms indoors good acoustics and unloads design. Use of technology of caissons yields effective results where height of ceilings approaches the 3rd meters (the lower limit – 2.5 m); in low rooms the lacunar ceiling does not look. Lacunary designs use also for arrangement of large arches. Also lacunar ceilings have practical plus: their design well hides roughnesses of overlappings and allows to disguise utilities effectively.

Material for lacunar ceilings

Ceilings of this kind from tree look unusually, richly and make impression of cosiness, luxury in the house. For arrangement of design most often use ash-tree, oak, nut or more expensive grades of wood. Appeal of wooden lacunar ceilings – in natural structure of tree which is unique. However, considering the high cost of similar finishing, today it is quite often possible to see the lacunar designs created on the basis of MDF. Externally panels bear to tree a strong resemblance, but cost cheaper; besides mounting of MDF is simple, and it is possible to execute it by own forces. One more budgetary option – lacunar ceilings from gypsum cardboard (HL). The similar design means production of framework which can be decorated with various decorative elements; for example, eaves or border. Lacunary designs are well combined with style empire style, baroque, other classics. However in the rooms issued under hi-tech or pop art the similar option of arrangement of ceiling is not absolutely appropriate.

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