Cement as construction material

Cement as construction material

Professional builders know that without cement it is almost impossible to build the house and to carry out other construction jobs. Even inhabitants are familiar with concept of cement and represent as it looks and for what it is necessary. The name "cement" hides under itself group of hydraulic cementing agents which basis are calcium aluminates. Cement of each look can develop various durability which is necessary for any given works when hardening.


1. Choosing cement as universal construction material, surely study its such important characteristic as material grade. Experts claim that cement happens different types: quick-hardening, aluminous, blast furnace slag cement, etc. Each of them has the time of drying. On average, that cement has dried 3 days are required. Control check of any kind is done for the 28th day.

2. Do you want to know what additives are in your cement, its wear resistance and some other parameters depends on it? Attentively read information on packing. So, for example, if you see letter D – it means that before you material with addition of slag from waste of steel works or plaster. The digit standing near letter, for example, 20, means that material has included 20% of these additives. Surely check this indicator since the level of content of additives significantly influences durability and plasticity of cement.

3. If you see many letters on cement packing, you should not be afraid of it. Designations B, PL, CC, GF, H indicate to you specifics of assignment of the material which is before you. So, the B is quick-hardening, means CC that sulfate-resistant cement, PS – plasticized, GF – hydrophobic cement. Letter H designates the cement with rated structure which is applied to production of coverings of roads and airfields.

4. Pay attention and to cement type. If you need to apply this material to construction, you can safely choose portland cement. Quick-hardening it is good for creation of reinforced concrete armature. Expanding cement is widely applied to construction in damp conditions. Aluminous cement is applied in those situations when fast drying and hardening of material, etc. is required.

5. When choosing cement for construction and finishing work surely you look at marking of quality of cement and compliance to its standards. ISO-9000 – such designation has to be on packing. For you it is signal – such product completely meets all standards.

6. You remember, also material packing has important value. Ideally it has to be paper and two-layer. Naturally, there should be no holes, scratches, opening traces, etc. All this leads to damage of cement and decrease in its useful qualities.

7. Attentively study effective life cement. Even such material has the term. Remember that the longer it lies, the its quality decreases more. Researches have shown that if to cement half a year, its activity is reduced by third.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team