Colorado beetle: how to fight

Colorado beetle: how to fight

Colorado beetles are very prolific and gluttonous, mad love of this insect for potatoes and has made him the enemy of gardeners. If in time not to notice, then it is possible to be left without harvest. It is possible to cope with this misfortune by means of chemical and folk remedies.

Fight against Colorado beetle by means of chemistry

Medicines against Colorado beetle happen system, biological and contact effect, the inscription on packing testifies to it. Choosing any given medicine, pay attention to active ingredient. Strictly follow the instruction at cultivation and use, in this question of trifles should not be, otherwise you risk to do harm not only to Colorado beetles, but also the relatives.

Medicines of contact action do not collect in tubers and are not absorbed in plants, affect only at hit covers of wreckers. During the waterings and rains such medicines easily wash off, cause accustoming in bugs. Therefore it is recommended to replace annually means of contact action new, more modern.

The greatest effect can be reached if all neighbors in giving carry out at the same time processing of potatoes from Colorado beetle.

Medicines of system action have longer period of action, they do not cause in bugs of accustoming, are not washed away by rain and demand the minimum number of processings. If to process tubers the medicine "Prestige" or "Masterpiece" when landing, then it is possible to forget safely about Colorado beetle for all season. It is necessary to handle with care with medicines of system action, their cancerogenic and toxic substances gets deep into plants, accumulates in tubers. Therefore it is not recommended to use them for early grade of potatoes. Medicines of biological effect are the safest for the person, they contain sporous bacteria which are capable to cause c of wreckers disorder of intestines and stomach. The infected bugs quickly lose appetite and in several days perish. These medicines do not collect in tubers and are not inhausted by plants, they are absolutely harmless to the person and other insects. The only shortcoming – the frequency of processings.

The best and safe way of fight against Colorado beetle is manual gathering of wreckers. But it is used only on small sites, in sunny weather. Adult bugs and larva are brought together and further destroyed.

Fight against Colorado beetle: national ways

Use onions peel for fight against Colorado beetle. The potato wrecker just does not transfer smell of the decaying onions peel. Until it is under potato bush, the bug will not covet it. Therefore it is recommended to put when landing potato in each hole on handful of onions peel, thanks to moisture it will begin to decay gradually, frightening off the wrecker. During landing time of potatoes it is necessary to opudrit each hole wood ashes. As soon as the bush grows up and will be created, do not wait for appearance of Colorado beetles and larvae, spray plants with cindery solution. For its preparation part two kilograms of ashes in ten liters of water. Then part liter of solution in ten liters of water and spray bushes. Make on the site traps for Colorado beetles. For this purpose canning or glass jars will be necessary for you. Rub container edges with potato juice, lay several pieces of potatoes on bottom. Place the prepared traps on all site (one bank on five square meters). It is necessary to destroy bugs daily.

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