Country style in interior

Country style in interior

It is wonderful to have lodge in the village. Such in which floor boards and all cups creak - with the beaten-off handles. And there are no identical plates. But there are thin woolen plaid and wooden bookcase. Both old chest, and short light curtains at windows. It is good to have such lodge in the village. But it is even better to be able to create the hands such apartment in the city. Not the miracle, is country style.


Stylization of rural lodge – that on the bank of the small river, in shadow of trees, – dictates to country interior the color rules: green – grass, leaves, blue – the sky, water, brown – trees, the earth. Use of these flowers in pure form with rare impregnation of shades implements that proximity to the desirable cosiness inherent to country buildings with web in corners and weather vane on roof. "That eyes had a rest" - the person who has given preference to country palette is guided by this principle. Quite smart choice, especially in the conditions of the modern life which is visually overloaded. Whether it means that in this direction use of other basic colors – red, yellow, white is impossible? By no means. On the contrary, appropriate dilution of interior "under tree" bright pillows, ware, curtains is necessary. Bright parts allow to switch attention from one subject to another in time.

Other feature in color registration is the absence obvious color dominant. All problem of this style to turn separate color spots into one, emotionally balanced ensemble. Distinctive feature of style - tsvetoterapiya: use of mainly soft tones, light shades.

Materials science

Being the most eco-friendly form of design, the country gives preference to natural construction and finishing materials. As floor covering it is necessary to choose tree (for example, colored pine) or ceramic tile, porcelain tile, laminate, linoleum, tree imitating. Handmade carpets, mats, wattled rugs, carpets imitating rough, large tying – organic parts of country which will help to finish floor stylization. Decorative plaster or combination of fragments of the plastered walls with partially kept stone or brickwork best of all will be suitable for walls. Use of paper wall covering with the soft and thin flower drawing is possible. Walls get off with border or modelled eaves, and in the lower part – decorative panels. It is better to do walls in kitchen and the bathroom monophonic and light as these rooms are saturated with motley elements of dressing (ware, flowers, textiles). In the dining room, the living room and bedrooms more saturated colors are admissible: light brown, lemon, cream, peach. Doors and windows - from natural wood. Windows demand linen or print curtains with lace and embroidery, and windowsills – houseplants in clay pots.

Parts and detalk

The eclecticism – lack of strict laws — gives the chance to combine within one style of curtain with the small stuffed drawing in natural tones, wicker baskets, cans of tea, coffee and cookies, ancient kitchen accessories and utensils. Addition of textiles in the form of knitted cloths, color pillows, curtains in style of macrame, scrappy blanket, checkered plaid promotes creation of really live situation even in the most angular apartment with inconvenient planning. Covers on chairs and chairs, pictures embroideries, lamp shades — one more opportunity "to warm" the room, especially if similar parts are executed by the hands. It is necessary to tell, products in hand-made style are characteristic of country: the embroidered towels, cloths, napkins, covers with lacy counters, wattled rugs, pillows thoughts. Semi-antique stylization remains thanks to saturation of interior dried flowers, watercolor etudes, photos in style of sepia, books with heavy metal bookmarks. The country loves accidental parts - objects from flea markets, flea markets, grandmother's chest. Sudden copper samovar with boot or the pig-iron iron will become charming part of interior which will emphasize its identity and the creative beginning of hosts. Selecting interior in style of country, you will definitely not pass by wooden, in a rural way rough, with unpolished surface, wicker furniture. You should not forget about objects from rattan, oak, pine. Ancient oak cabinets, buffets, dressers, bed with carved or shod back, wicker chairs and chairs — all this the main components of future cozy house. By all means it is worth creating certain similarity of fireplace or the furnace, everything in country works for creation of the warm atmosphere.

Having decided on experiment in the form of registration of the apartment in style of country, be sure, you on the way to cosiness and harmony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team