Cultivation of seedling

Cultivation of seedling

The flowers and vegetable cultures needing the long period for forming of flowers and fruits are grown up by seedling way. The stock in growth and development for 30-50 days is created.

But that the running has played role, seedling has to be strong, healthy, with well developed roots. The main condition for receiving get prettier seedlings temperature and illumination is. If in the room darkishly there is also no opportunity to establish additional lighting, it is possible to hold off crops till March when the daylight hours is extended.

Seedling is grown up with sword-play and without it. The most perfect way of cultivation of seedling – in glasses, pots. Seedling tomato it is fine to postpone sword-play, it can be grown up at the initial stage in boxes. It is possible to sow seeds in container of any size, but it is more convenient to use small boxes, plastic jars from under preserv. The layer of earth has to be not less than 10-15 cm. Sow seeds randomly or rows.

At cultivation of seedling on windowsill it is important to support the correct mode of heat and light. After crops of jar cover with some transparent material that creates favorable microclimate for germination of seeds and put to the warm place, temperature has to be 20-25 °C. As soon as there are shoots, the film is removed and reduce temperature to 5-10 °C. Seedlings keep in such mode week that they have got stronger, then increase temperature to 15-18 °C.

Watering is not less important for good development of saplings, it is better to pour in too little, than to pour. On excessively humidified soil of plant get sick with black leg. For prevention from viral diseases the seedlings water with pink solution of potassium permanganate, after watering strew the earth with wood ashes or dry sand.

In stage of two real leaflets seedling dive. Saplings bury to the earth to seven-shares, densely press out and water. The taken roots plants put on the lightest place. If seedling lag behind in growth, feed up it urea and sulfate of potassium – on bucket of water add match boxes.

The enemy of seedling – dvukhvostka to frighten off these insects, sides of box strew with rustic tobacco, dust the earth black and chili powder. Pepper seedling often is surprised plant louse, in that case plants spray with infusion of garlic and onions. 

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