Cultivation of seedling of tomatoes

Cultivation of seedling of tomatoes

Tomatoes – culture thermophilic, everywhere grow up it through seedling. Irrespective of, in the greenhouse or in the open ground the further cultivation is supposed, qualitative seedling of tomatoes is the key to big harvest.

Preparation of seeds

House seeds before crops need preparation:

- check seeds for full weight – ret in 5% salt solution – the emerged sunflower seeds delete, settled wash out in water;

- disinfect in weak solution of potassium permanganate;

- ret for 12 hours in growth factor.

 And then the seed is couched in water. In plateau put fabric wet napkin, display on it seeds, cover that water has not evaporated and leave for day for swelling then sow. When using purchased seeds it is not necessary to carry out any preparation and soaking.

The earth for seedling

Sow seeds to the garden earth prepared since fall or in soil mix which can be bought in flower shop. Garden soil is prepared from the cespitose earth and humus taken in equal shares. For giving of friability to the soil add peat or sawdust. As excellent additive serves coconut substrate. The tomatoes which are grown up on coco have strong root system.

It is possible to grow up tomatoes in peat tablets, in that case they do not need sword-play. In tablet, with a diameter of 30 mm land two sunflower seeds. When saplings grow up, plant them in volume, about, 0.5 liters.

When to plant seedling

Crops time – the first of March. The seedling period is, on average, 50-65 days plus 8-10 days on emergence of shoots. Tomatoes easily transfer change therefore they can be sowed in boxes with the subsequent sword-play. Crops of seeds is made in grooves on depth of 0.5-1 cm, then it is abundant water and closed transparent cap (glass, film) and put to the warm place before germination.

Saplings appear, approximately, in week, sometimes earlier, terms depend on air temperature and quality of seeds. At emergence of shoots the boxes should be exposed on lit cool (14-16 °C) the place. Tomatoes are sensitive to light therefore it is desirable to provide them with the round-the-clock illumination. As soon as seedling grows up, it is necessary to lift temperature to 18-20 °C.

Correct seedling. Leaving

Seedlings need moderate watering, when overwetting the black leg can appear. In stage of two real leaflets tomatoes are transplanted in glasses. Tall grades land on two or three roots in one capacity. When plants reach 15-20 cm, stalks of plants densely connect by strings, after accretion move away them. The method of merging of seedling promotes increase in harvest.

Tomatoes for the seedling period two times feed up. The first fertilizing is carried out in 10 days after the sword-play, use ready complex fertilizer. The second time bring fertilizing two weeks later after the first. Fertilizing combines with watering, then slightly loosens the earth. In 1-2 weeks prior to jumping in soil of plant begin to temper, lower temperature, whenever possible take out on the street. Seedling, ready to disembarkation, has to have reinforced stalk no more than 30 cm high with 6-8 leaflets, short interstices, 1-2 flower brushes.

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