Diode lamp: types and description

Diode lamp: types and description

Diode (LED) lamps are used to illumination of any types of rooms. Products possess long life cycle, strict design. Diode lamps are considered as perspective sources of lighting.


LED lamps are durable, the resource of work makes 50 thousand - 100 thousand hour. Devices with color temperature of 3000-5000 are most widespread To. For office rooms the luminous flux makes 3200 lm, for lighting of streets - from 6000 lm. Efficiency of LEDs - 90-120 lm/W.

Use of diode lamps - alternative option of lighting which allows to save the electric power. Such devices consume 8-9 times less, than normal bulbs of incandescence. The LED lamp in 10 W can replace lamp in 75 W.

Other advantage of the diode lamp – brightness does not change from voltage surges as the product has wide voltage range. Eco-friendly devices, special utilization is not required. They are strong, vibroustoychiva, have the high efficiency (about 100%), at normal lamps it is equal to 65-70%. LED lamps have no pulsations of low frequency which strain eyes.

From shortcomings it is possible to note high cost. Besides, for many the luminescence seems unpleasant.

Types of diode lamps

Depending on assignment allocate several types of LEDs:

  • Thin panels. Are intended for lighting of rooms in public buildings.
  • Lamps for illumination of plants.

Wall, dot, ceiling LEDs are most popular.

Diode lamps separate as mounting:

  • Built in. Use in false, stretch ceilings, plasterboard designs.
  • Consignment notes. Establish on ceilings, walls.

In the place of mounting distinguish:

  • Very quickly are established, will be suitable for rooms where low ceilings.
  • The small size, are used for additional, pointed lighting.
  • Allow to create floor lamps, mobile elements give the chance to change light stream direction.

As the body happen:

  • Dot LEDs. Are used in inhabited, office rooms. Are applied to illumination of signs, the advertizing structures, show-windows.
  • Apply to illumination of furniture, the advertizing structures, interiors.
  • Are intended for the rooms having high ceilings.

To destination allocate:

  • Are intended for mounting of energy saving lighting systems.
  • Will be suitable for illumination of offices, public spaces (elevators, toilets, entrances). Have anti-vandal protection.
  • Eksteryerny, landscape. Carry searchlights, panels to them.

Larger lighting equipment is necessary for illumination of offices, shopping centers, sports constructions, warehouse, industrial premises. They are also applied to lighting of streets.

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