Easy evening make-up for green eyes

Easy evening make-up for green eyes

eyes long since fixed men's eye the mysteriousness and mystery. However, that the look became more open and attracting it it is necessary to emphasize with the correct make-up. Especially it concerns evening make-up when we want to make on surrounding impression.

It is required to you

  • - shadows for eyes of green, emerald and saturated blue color;
  • - shadows of nacreous shade or highlighter;
  • - pencil for eyes of emerald color;
  • - black mascara;
  • - base under shadows


  1. Before drawing make-up it is necessary to be convinced that eyelid skin dry, differently shadows not to last long. If during century there are residues of cream, then powder it and wait minute that excess moisture was absorbed. Now it is possible to start causing base under shadows which will prolong firmness of make-up and will make shades of shadows more saturated. If you have no base under shadows, then instead of it it is possible to use your tone means.
  2. Damp brush lighten internal corner of eye and area under eyebrow nacreous shadows or highlighter. We apply shadows of green shade on mobile eyelid, it is desirable opaque - they will serve in the primary basic color. Mentally we divide eyelid into two parts. On the first half we add color by means of emerald shimmerny shadows. On the second - we apply blue shade of any subtone, however the color, the better will be deeper.
  3. For the bigger depth and expressiveness of look we darken external corner of eye and fold of century black or dark gray shadows. Accurately we shade shadows, conducting brush by motionless century. Do not try to mix strongly colors, we need to hide only transitions between them.
  4. We bring the line of growth of eyelashes of lower eyelid emerald pencil. If such shade is unavailable, then it is better to use shadows of the same shade. For creation of integrity of make-up make small arrow the black or dark gray shadows used for blackout and carry out it to lower eyelid, coming to the line of growth of eyelashes.
  5. We needed only to paint over eyelashes black ink. For such bright accent make-up it is better to use the ink giving volume. And here the lower cilia can quite be extended with the corresponding ink. From it the look will even more play and all evening will attract all eyes of the interested men.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team