Easy ways of protection of blackcurrant against diseases and wreckers

Easy ways of protection of blackcurrant against diseases and wreckers

Currant - very unpretentious berry bush which grows practically on each garden site. However without leaving, because of plant louse, fungus or cup-shaped rust, it is possible not just to lose part of harvest, but also to lose it absolutely.

Today there are many chemical medicines capable to protect currant from all misfortunes. Nevertheless it is better to use plain folk remedies which will not do harm to either bush, or quality of harvest. First of all it is necessary not to be lazy to loosen the earth around currant bush in the spring and in the fall. Thus, wreckers who were going to winter there or have already wintered, will be destroyed.

In the early spring as soon as intensive thawing of snow begins, it is necessary to pour over currant the boiled water which has cooled down up to 80 degrees. It becomes before emergence of kidneys, approximately at the beginning of March. In Siberia in the second half of March. This procedure not only saves plant from the wreckers who have hidden in bark, but also strengthens immunity.

Some gardeners ""bathe"" currant in boiled water and in the fall. But experts consider that it is ineffective. If on any wreckers this way also works, then at larvae of plant louse till fall very strong protective cover. Even boiled water will not master it. It is necessary to pour boiled water from watering can so that each branch has undergone processing.

The good result is yielded by spraying of currant infusion of onions peel. On bucket of water undertakes about 250-300 gr. onions waste which infuse about a week. In hot weather it is possible to be limited five days. It is necessary to spray 2-3 times during the season. The first at emergence of kidneys, the second - during blossoming, and the third at emergence of ovary.

It is possible to use also infusion of garlic (300 gr crushed on bucket), but it infuses 14 days. Laundry soap with soda undertake in the ratio 40 gr/40 gr on bucket of water of room temperature. If long there are no rains, then currant needs rare, but abundant watering. Regular fertilizing by superphosphate or infusion of mullein is necessary too. Especially during blossoming and fructification. The plant is stronger, the less it is subject to diseases and invasion of parasites.

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