External siding: types of siding

External siding: types of siding

The siding can be used for covering of facades of owner-occupied dwellings, process or office buildings. Material is reliable, durable and at the same time inexpensive. Refer to advantages of such sheets as well simplicity in mounting.

Most often for facing of enclosing structures of buildings the vinyl or metal siding is used. But on sale there are such sheets and other versions today.

Vinyl siding

The small weight and rich color palette are considered as the main advantages of material of this type. The facades of buildings trimmed with vinyl siding, actually effectively, solidly and attractively look.

Also carry possibility of use to pluses of this material as in very hot, and frigid climate. Panels of this type well transfer temperature from-50 to +50 °C. They protect house walls from wind and rain very reliably.

Its fragility is considered the main lack of vinyl siding. It is necessary to work with such material when facing facades with care.

Metal siding

This option of siding currently is the most popular both at professional builders, and at private traders. Carry durability, durability and low cost to pluses of steel siding. Also unconditional advantages of this material consider resistance to ignition.

The metal steel siding not so effectively as vinyl looks. But nevertheless the facades trimmed with its use look quite presentably.

The main minus of such panels the instability to corrosion is considered. Only aluminum and copper metal panels of this type are deprived of such shortcoming. But unfortunately, such siding costs rather much.

What else types exist

Besides metal and vinyl material of this version, the siding is supplied to the market today:

  • wooden;

The wooden decorative siding on walls of the house reminds normal vinyl or metal. But such covering from separate plates gathers.

Esthetic exterior and ecological security is considered plus of wooden siding, of course, first of all. Carry to unconditional advantages of this material also low coefficient of thermal conductivity. The main shortcomings of this material are low degree of fire resistance, tendency to rotting and pretty high cost.

The ceramic external siding is supplied to the market in the form of plates. Such covering very solidly and presentably looks. The main plus of this kind of siding, as well as vinyl, the rich color palette is considered.

Also it is possible to carry to advantages of ceramic siding morozo- and fire resistance. Carry rather big weight to the main minuses of this material.

Types to destination

In this plan distinguish siding wall and socle. The first kind of material is used for finishing of walls. The socle siding is applied to facing of the part of the base towering above the ground.

This two types of material first of all by the sizes and thickness differ. For finishing of the bases panels of the smaller area, than for facing of facades are understandably used.

At the same time the socle siding in most cases has also big thickness, than wall. It is explained by the fact that in use buildings such panels rather often are exposed to various mechanical influences.

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