Fight against mosquitoes at the dacha – effective methods

Fight against mosquitoes at the dacha – effective methods

Mosquitoes – scourge of all summer residents. They are capable to spoil outdoor recreation, do not allow to work normally on beds, also dense trousers force to dress in hot serene day clothes with long sleeves, prevent to sleep. And as children suffer from their stings! Fight against these nasty blood-sicking was avoided by any gardener, especially if the site is at water. It is natural that it is interesting to all what means from mosquitoes the most effective and how to get rid of mosquitoes. Such there is a lot of today. The main rule – protection has to be complex.


Good protection against mosquitoes is special clothes. Not that which you select, trying to avoid stings, and special which is on sale in specialized shops. For its tailoring special material is used. He "breathes", consists of the top and lower layers. Breed such is that trousers densely adjoin to ankles, and cups of sleeves cover brushes. The head is protected by hood with mosquito net.

Processing of the site

It is better to attend to fight against mosquitoes not when they already annoy, and in advance, even in the spring. There are firms specializing in processing from blood-sicking. They by means of the powerful spray apply insecticide on grass, trees, constructions. The method allows to be protected from mosquitoes for several months.

Repellants of mosquitoes and anti-mosquito lamps

There is set of types of such devices. Some work by the principle of destruction of mosquitoes, others just frighten off them. For example, quite quite good means from mosquitoes – special anti-mosquito lamp. Radius of its action various – from 20 to 80 sq.m. The lamp shines in the ultra-violet range, attracting insects and working as trap for mosquitoes. They fly to source of waves and perish in the high-voltage grid which is built in lamp from mosquitoes.

The repellant of mosquitoes radiates ultrasound which imitates pishchaniye of mosquitoes males. Having heard it, blood-sicking females do not fly up close. The device operates in radius from 30 to 50 sq.m.

Fumigant injectors

They are various – for open air and for use indoors. The first are so-called pyrotechnic fumigant injectors – spirals, candles, etc. When set fire to them, the substance which is frightening off mosquitoes begins to be emitted. Also from mosquitoes at the dacha it is possible to use the fumigant injector running on batteries, it usually fix on clothes or hand.

Indoors use such device known to all from mosquitoes as the electrofumigant injector. It is included in the socket, previously having inserted inside the plates impregnated with insecticide. 

There are fumigant injectors in which the barrel with liquid antimosquito means is screwed in. Work range – about 12 sq.m. If plates qualitative, then the device is absolutely safe including for children. Of course, there are exceptions – cases of allergy to active ingredient.


On the site each summer resident has mosquitoes. Therefore practically all use such means as repellents. They can be in the form of sprays, gels, emulsions, lotions, creams. Also the bracelets impregnated with active agent are on sale. Depending on structure, similar means from 2 to 6 hours work. Most convenient aerosols from barrels – them can be sprayed not only on open areas of body, but also on clothes.

Of course, such means are very effective, but it is not especially pleasant to apply on body various "chemistry" constantly. And similar insecticides usually not really well smell. Therefore it is possible to choose alternative in the form of essential oils. From mosquitoes aniseed oil, tea tree oil, clove, lavender, etc. well help. It is the best of all to mix them with normal vegetable oil and to grease body and face.

Folk remedies from mosquitoes

The best folk remedy from mosquitoes is smoke. Make fire, throw into it dry juniper branches, cones of fir-tree or pine and enjoy rest – blood-sicking will not fly up close.

Fight against mosquitoes in the house will have chances of success if to fumigate the room with camphor. It is necessary to pour camphoric alcohol on the heated frying pan and to spread its couples about the room, thus having cleaned it from mosquitoes and flies.

Also knowing people advise to moisten face and hands with carbolic acid solution (carbolic acid), wheat grass infusion, juice of garlic or broth of vanilla – them too do not take out mosquitoes.

And on the site and in the house it is possible to land geranium, rosemary, mint, basil and camomile – blood-sicking they are not loved.

If mosquitoes have already bitten, then good means from stings – soda water, it is necessary to moisten with it the struck place. Still perfectly Asterisk balm removes the naggers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team