Flower of eustom: cultivation and care in house conditions

Flower of eustom: cultivation and care in house conditions

Eustoma, or liziantus is translated as field hand bell, the Irish rose. This delightful and delicate flower has won great popularity at florists in recent years. Thanks to variety of grades, eusty grow up for cut, part in greenhouses and gardens, cultivate as house plant. Care for flower demands certain skills and patience, but the result will please you.

Cultivation of eustoma

If you have decided to grow up in house conditions eusty, then first of all it is necessary to pick up correctly the place for plant. The flower prefers the scattered bright light. Eustoma does not love strong heat as such conditions nullify blossoming. Therefore do not put pot in the sun and you do not take out on the street during heat.

For landing of flower it is possible to prepare earth mix independently. For this purpose mix peat, wood bark and humus in equal proportions. If components are not had near at hand, then buy the land in specialized shop. Sift the soil, remove large lumps and garbage.

If you wish to admire the found blossoming plant in the summer, then seeds need to be seeded in November or December. As ware use plastic molds or disposable glasses. Do at the bottom of hole that excess moisture flew down, fill with soil mix. Usually seeds are on sale in the form of granules. Spread out them on the surface of the moistened soil, spray with warm water and cover from above with polyethylene film (it is possible to use glass). Deliver to capacity to the warm place where temperature is 25-28os. Periodically open hotbed and air to avoid emergence of mold. You watch that the earth did not dry up. In the course of cultivation of eustoma the patience as sprouts sometimes slow down the growth will be required, stop in development, increasing root system. If seeds have not ascended, it is necessary to puncture granules with seeds, to help their germination. The first boring has to appear in ten-fifteen days. When leaflets reveal, take molds from hotbed and put under lamp. Consider that the lamp has to be located over shoots at distance of 25 centimeters, not closer. When there are first two couples of leaflets, begin to dive them in separate tanks. It is only possible to replace when they reach in height of 15 centimeters. It is necessary to remember that at flower small root system therefore change needs to be made most carefully. Land Eustoma in normal plastic pot of two liters (at the bottom of pot there has to be sound layer of drainage). In it about three saplings will be located. During growth and development put flower to the light place. Direct leaving consists in waterings. Use for this purpose only otstoyanny water, try not to get on leaves. During blossoming feed up plant of times in two weeks mineral fertilizers.

Blossoming secrets

Every time after waterings drain water from pallet. Excessive moisture can lead to rotting of root system. For abundant blossoming it is desirable to put pot from eustomy in well aired and cool room. As soon as you have found in the soil or on leaves of wreckers, begin immediate fight to prevent their distribution on other flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team