How and when to impart lemon tree

How and when to impart lemon tree

Grow up many beautiful and exotic flowers, but if to speak about lemon, then it is possible to add that it also is useful. In its leaves there are essential oils which perfectly clean and refresh room air. At the correct leaving it is possible to achieve fertility of plant and to regale on own lemons from windowsill.

Cultivation of lemon

There are two ways to grow up lemon tree: from seed and from shank. It is better to take shank from the fructifying tree, then your tree will also yield fruits. Minus is that such sapling is a little adapted for the environment, has weak immunity to diseases, besides has no magnificent krone, unlike the saplings which are grown up from seed. Cultivation pluses by cherenkovaniye method that the tree develops quicker and in 4-5 years can already blossom and fructify.

At cultivation of tree it is necessary to choose healthy, ripe, not rotten lemon from seed. To choose seeds from it and to put to the soft soil on depth of 1 cm. After germination of sprout it is desirable to cover it with glass jar for creation of microclimate, the main thing, not to forget to lift daily to bank to prevent stagnation of air and greenhouse effect.

After emergence of normal leaves the sapling needs to be replaced in pot where the lemon has to grow to 15-20 cm. Then it is possible to replace again. Such tree is healthier, but begins to blossom in 8-10 years.

Inoculation of lemon tree

The trees which are grown up from seeds need to be imparted. Before the procedure it is necessary to decide on inoculation method which you will use. There are two methods - it is okulirovka and rasshchep. The scion, i.e. shank from the fructifying tree is necessary for inoculation. It is desirable to do inoculation right after shank cut that juice in it has not stood, and the cut has not cicatrized. The cut for inoculation becomes on tree not lower than ten centimeters from the earth. By preparation of shank it is necessary to repeat most precisely cut form that there was as little as possible open wood. The shank is inserted into cut and wound with garden tape. All open wood is greased with the garden thief, and below scion put the cotton wool moistened with water is bandage which is removed in month (at okulirovka method) or in two months (at method of rasshchep). After priviv it is necessary a few, but often to water lemon, without allowing either overdrying of the soil, or stagnation of water. The main thing is to remember that having imparted it is carried out by clean and sharp tools, knife or scalpel. It is necessary to watch that clay and dust did not get to cut, they will interfere with wood growth. At careful leaving and attention to the tree the limonchik will begin to please you with the development soon. The main thing to stock up with patience and love for the plant.

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