How to apply front plaster

How to apply front plaster

Modern finishing of facade has to not only perform esthetic function, but also protect surface from negative impacts of the environment. Front plaster which has water-repellent, heat-insulating, acoustic, fire-resistant and other properties will perfectly cope with these tasks.

It is required to you

  • - two-meter ruler;
  • - plumb;
  • - the leveling mix;
  • - structural roller


1. Prior to works on finishing of facade complete the works on external waterproofing of the building, mounting of roof with all adjunctions, installation and frame of all architectural elements on facade, fixing devices of drains and rain water pipes. Clean facades from dirt, the dust acting salts and bituminous spots.

2. Make sure that surface of walls equal. Down there should not be deviations more than 1-1.5 cm. To find it out, apply 2-meter ruler verified by plumb or level to wall. The distance between wall and ruler in uneven places should not exceed 1.5 cm. Fill up the sites exceeding this indicator with layer of the leveling mix. Cut down small hillocks by means of chisel and, as necessary, fill up with solution.

3. If on the street dry weather, and air temperature over 22 degrees, sites of walls from such wall small-pieces materials as blocks and brick, before plastering surely humidify.

4. It is possible to apply plaster manually by means of blade, brush, the roller or the palette and also by means of the special machine. Working with the roller, conduct finishing from top to down. Try to finish wall at one time. Thanks to possibility of putting material in different ways, you can give to facade various decorative effects.

5. Choose type of putting plaster in advance as after drying strong material will be extremely difficult to be removed. To apply solution in the way "Orange Peel", "Bark beetle", "Needle Surface", "Braids" or any other, lay on wall by means of trowel even basic layer.

6. In several hours put with trowel the second layer. Right after it process surface the structural rubber roller corresponding to the chosen decorative effect. At first strictly in one direction carry out longitudinal movements by the roller, and then - cross. Do overlap on the previous strip of the drawing by halves that transitions remained imperceptible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team